Same-sex marriage on PoliticsTV

(Cross posted from Daily Kos.  We just launched the PoliticsTV blog last week.)

The crew at PoliticsTV has spent the past week focusing on issues related to the federal marriage amendment [FYI: Bush's big Federal Marriage Amendment press conference is coming up at 1:45pm ET / 10:45am PT today].  Gay bloggers John Aravosis of, Addie Stan of and Terrance Heath of Republic of T all came by PoliticsTV's DC studios over the past few days to share thoughts and rants.

Check out highlights from below the fold.

First up, Aravosis challanges the GOP to put up or shut up by signing the PoliticsTV 'GOP Marriage Protection Pledge':


Terrance Heath from Republic of T came by to talk about the return of the gay marriage amendment:


Finally, blogger and author Adele Stan (of came by and talked about political wedge issues and sex:


Lastly, if you're coming to either Yearly Kos in Las Vegas or Take Back America in Washington, look for PoliticsTV in the exhibit hall -- we'll have our signature backdrop and be providing video coverage of both conferences.

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