Restoring American Values

That's my slogan, which I believe is better than "Let's get Real" and certainly better than "Together We Can Do Better."

I will explain why in the extended...

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Restoring American Values is something down home and apple pie, and might even sound conservative.  And true, what Democrats would like to do is go back to the past...the 1990s.

By American Values I mean: respect for the Constitution and co-equal branches of government over certain political leaders, respect for hard work and sacrifice over wealth and privilege, a Communitarian rather than a Hobbsian worldview, the Geneva Conventions, open government, accountable leaders, responsible leadership, the American Dream, fairness and fair dealing, acting in good faith, reality over spin, patriotism as critique of the government's policies, a level playing field, freedom to believe in whatever you want without hurting others or yourself, freedom to say what you want within reason, reason over fear.

All of these have broad support, much broader support than: treating public policy as a business and expecting a return on "investments" in politician's campaigns/families,    dividing Americans by religious expression, class, sexual orientation, utilizing fear to win, giving special deals to special interests, preferring communications experts over policy experts, Post-Modernist belief that their is no reality, denouncing critics as traitors and/or faithless, the infallibility of the president, torture, etc.

Join Democrats across the country demanding change, we need to restore America and American values before its too late.

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A Better One....

"The Great American Restoration" [of the deliberative democracy that was envisioned by our Founding Fathers].

In other words, I think that the primary mission of the Democratic Party for the 2006 elections should be to fix our broken U.S. political system by fundamentally changing the way Washington works.

By invoking the Founding Fathers the Democrats could do a judo flip by using GOP strategist Frank Luntz's "Republican Playbook 2006" (March 2005).

For more info see 21/111450/736/24#24

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