A note of caution

Sen Clinton has won in NV.  Congratulations to her and her supporters.

In the wake of this victory, how are her supporters acting?

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Hillary on NPR, 1/18

Hillary was interviewed on NPR ATC on 1/18, at about 5:35 PM. Much of the interview was fine.  Then Siegel asked her about her campaign commercial in which she reiterates RNC talking points about Obama's SS proposal.

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NH recount results

There are some results from a small number of precincts in NH posted on the SoS website.


Some conclusions

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The Clinton years

Hillary is promising to bring us back to those lazy, hazy, crazy Clinton years.  Well, that may be good for some, but we need to remember exactly what we are buying when we buy the Clinton years again.

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Finding common ground

Tonight, both the Clinton and Obama campaigns have made strides to bridge the gap and get beyond the differences on this race issue.

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Progressives and scummy liars

I am just absolutely appalled at the lies, distortions and scummy crap from the Hillary-bots.  Telling lies is one thing, but absolutely making stuff up has got me PISSED.

georgep is telling lies with statistics.  You can always tell that someone is making stuff up when they start going with rankings.  You see, when people differ by a small tiny amount, you can always inflate that by using rankings.  Rankings make tiny differences look big.  Very dumb people like rankings.

All of this stuff is based on votes, weighted somehow.  The differences between a score of 76 and a score of 82, for instance, probably mean that 2 votes out of 40 were different for the two.  

Anyone who makes a big deal out of such differences is either an idiot or a paid partisan.  That would be georgep.

here's the actual scores.  You can see that CLinton and Obama do not differ.  On some categories, Clinton is better, and on some, Obama is better.  Both must be considered modestly progressive, on the scale of today's progressives.

Stop lying, georgep.

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For Edwards supporters

This diary is directed at Edwards supporters.  If you do not support Edwards, please do not respond to the poll.

Mr. Edwards has run a principled, populist campaign.  I personally have a lot of interest in his issues.  For whatever reason, he is losing ground.  He will not win SC.  If he does not win the state of his birth, where can he win?

I believe that he will continue through SuperDuper Tuesday.  He will be out at that point if he wins no states.  I see no prospects for him to win anything, so I do not see him continuing.  He will, quite simply, be out of money.

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Hillary and Blackwater

I see that many of the Hillary-bots that infest this blogosphere have their knickers in a snit about Obama and Rezko.  

This is called "guilt by association".  It's a fun fun game, and all can play.

let's explore Hillary and Blackwater

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NH: Diebold influence

When an election shows a huge discrepancy between polls and results, there is a natural opening to ask "Why izzat?"

Of course, one of the solutions is to recount, to make sure that the results are correct.

We can't do that in NH.

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An email from RedState

I am a Redstate subscriber, although I have never posted there.  I get your occasional email, which lend joy to my humdrum and workaday existence.

Here's an example of why:

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