According to Wikipedia: "Before being indicted, Libby was a licensed corporate lawyer, admitted to the bars of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (in Philadelphia). His licenses to practice law have been at least temporarily suspended in both jurisdictions, and, in April 2007, the DC Office of Bar Counsel (DC Bar) disbarred him on legal grounds of "moral turpitude" and recommended to the DC Court of Appeals his permanent disbarment if his conviction is not overturned on appeal.[10][11] At that time Libby's lawyers filed notification of his intention to appeal his conviction within ten days after his sentencing with the DC Bar.[12] While Libby's appeal of his conviction in USA v. LIBBY is still pending, the presiding judge, Reggie Walton, denied his request for a stay and ordered Libby to begin his prison sentence.[13] Libby appealed Walton's ruling the following week.[14] He lost that appeal two weeks later.[15][16][17]"

This says nothing about his status before the Supreme Court of PA.  HE MUST BE DISBARRED THERE.

He needs a HUGE HUMILIATION.  This guy should never work again.

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