It's official - I'm voting for Obama

Hello fellow progressives.

As you may know, I am a long-time Green Party supporter. The last time I voted for a democrat for president was 1996.

Well, it's 2008. I'm voting for Obama. He isn't perfect, but he'll be pretty good.

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thank you

and I hope we can carve out a nice niche for the Green Party in the cities.

One party rule ain't fun, and we need some competition

by RisingTide 2008-10-14 06:26AM | 0 recs
Re: thank you

I hope so too! What I really want to see is this: A broad progressive alliance betweens Democrats, moderate republicans, and Greens that dramatically increases political participation across the board, and diminishes the role of special interest influence.

A lot of work, I know, but nobody said democracy was ever easy!

by Daryl Northrop 2008-10-14 06:35AM | 0 recs
we only get things done by fightin'

that's why I hope we can kill this current incarnation of the Republican party and build a REAL CONSERVATIVE one!

by RisingTide 2008-10-14 06:38AM | 0 recs
We can do it if we work together

As a large community we can bring on crucial changes that better our country...the key is to work in a unified manner with clear vision of where we want to go.

by netgui68 2008-10-14 06:42AM | 0 recs
Glad to have you aboard

For other like minded Green Party folks out there, how about creating a new cabinet level position of Consumer Advocate.  Its time to take the country back from corporations, and put them on the back of the bus.

They're on the same bus as we are, but they have to sit next to the bathroom or over the wheel hump, and have to pay their full share.

by mydailydrunk 2008-10-14 06:58AM | 0 recs
I appreciate it

Quite frankly, I really don't see any responsible alternative to voting Obama this year, even for those that might not approve of everything that Obama stands for.

The Nader and Green party folks have some good points, but we're well beyond the point where we can go on a quixotic attempt to get everything and risk the ability to do anything for another four years.

Until we get a system that doesn't punish ideologies that have variations resulting in seperate parties while rewarding those with few or no significant minor parties to siphon votes, third parties are going to cause problems.

I'm a fan of instant runoff voting for this reason.  Minnesota has talked about it before: maybe we can push it through in the next few years.

by Dracomicron 2008-10-14 07:21AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

I didn't get why so many people voted Green in 2000. That was a gigantic mistake. Thank you for George Bush.

by whothere 2008-10-14 07:26AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

Why did so many vote Green? I'll take a shot at answering this: NAFTA, "welfare reform", DOMA, don't ask don't tell, increased federal death penalties... etc.

by fugazi 2008-10-14 07:37AM | 0 recs
And how's it been for us since?
More jobs sent overseas
Cuts in social programs across the board
More executions
Conservative judges
Illegal wars
Budget deficits
Disreagrd for the rule of law and constitution
Destruction of the environment
by iohs2008 2008-10-14 08:44AM | 0 recs
As much as I tend to agree...

...nobody besides a few of us Cassandras knew that Bush would be a disaster (the public still doesn't know all the nasty stuff his dad did)... and nobody knew exactly how much of a catastrofuck it would end up as after 9/11.

Remember, right or wrong, the general public's perception was that Gore and Bush were basically running on the same platform with the same ideas.  People were sick of both parties and their infighting over style instead of substance; Nader must've seemed like an attractive choice to the many low-information anti-establishment types.

Finally, let's all remember that, while the Nader votes created an environment where the election could be stolen, Nader didn't hire the lawyers or blackmail the Supreme Court to make their decision.

While I dislike his attitude intensely, Nader did say one thing on Meet the Press earlier this year that's stuck with me: if the Democrats can't win, if not completely landslide, the Republicans in a year like this, we need to pack it in.  Democrats need to have a candidate that is an attractive alternative to Republicanism and can survive third party candidacies like his own.  Nader's sin is thinking that his candidacy is really constructive when we have Barack Obama running, but there are very few to whom goes no blame at all.

by Dracomicron 2008-10-14 07:39AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

Thank yourself, not the people who voted for Nader.

1. Democrats and Republicans have blocked IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) for years. Don't know what IRV is?

2. Gore LOST his HOME STATE of TN

3. There was serious vote fraud and vote suppression in FL.

Check the facts before you sanctimoniously blame Greens for 8 years of Bush. Candidates EARN votes, they don't OWN votes.

by NoThirdBushTerm 2008-10-14 08:10AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

Thanks to the 1/4 million DEMOCRATS who voted for Bush in Florida, too.  Nader was about 12th on the list of reasons why Gore lost.

#1 - his awful negative campaign against Bradley, who turned on the real progressives and he never got them back.

PS - I've still voting for McKinney in New York.  With Bloomberg and the Democrats city council plotting to overthrow the will of the people by eliminating term limits, we need a strong 2nd party in NY more than ever.

by brooklyngreenie 2008-10-14 08:39AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

And thank you to all the Democrats who STAYED HOME and didn't vote at all.....

by Daryl Northrop 2008-10-14 08:54AM | 0 recs
Can we all admit that we screwed up?

There's plenty of blame to go around for the fact that we let the worst of us take over and remain in power.

Right now we need to concentrate on fixing it.

by Dracomicron 2008-10-14 09:07AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

I did.

I was voting against the corporatization of the two-party system.  I also wanted to help a third-party to reach the threshold for matching funds in the next election cycle.

I lived in MA at the time.  There was no way that Gore wasn't going to win my state.  Rather than rubber-stamp my state's electoral college votes, I wanted to try to increase the visibility of alternative voices.

Had I lived in a swing state?  I'd have voted for Gore, but I wouldn't have been excited about it.

by Dreorg 2008-10-14 08:24AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

Well put! I was living in Iowa during the 2000 election. Gore won Iowa, unlike his home state of TN.

It's sad that democrats cannot just say "It's our fault we lost in 2000. We ran a lackluster campaign against a barely literate chimp who's thug-squad stole the election in Florida, and we were too scared to get a democratic member of the Senate to sign on to the objections filed from house members when the electors were being tallied."

It's so much easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility for your own actions.

by Daryl Northrop 2008-10-14 08:36AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

I can't believe this made it to the Recommended List.

by UMassforObama 2008-10-14 07:31AM | 0 recs
It's not that hard here

One rec and a tunafish sandwich is enough to get on the rec list here some days.

Kos is another story.

by Dracomicron 2008-10-14 07:41AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

Daryl, I'm glad you're voting for Obama, but how about putting some meat on the bones of your post? Why is Obama different than Kerry or Gore?

by fugazi 2008-10-14 07:34AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

In many ways he's similar to Kerry and Gore. Obama is a centerist democrat like they were/are. However, what he has done is forcefully and convincingly present a moderate agenda. Speak about VALUES instead of endless policy positions (that 90% of the electorate doesn't care about). Plus, he can throw a sharp elbow and actually land a punch when the republican attack machine starts in on him.

I watched Gore and Kerry cower like scared school girls in a thunderstorm as they were swift-boated and had their election victory stolen.

Obama has integrity, a spine, wit, intellect, and can talk "values" better than most.

by NoThirdBushTerm 2008-10-14 08:13AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

Took the words right out of my mouth!

by Daryl Northrop 2008-10-14 08:19AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

I was extremely disappointed in the Kerry campaign. I spent the first few months of the summer thinking (as didn't we all?) that the Democrats could pretty nominate anyone and beat Bush.

Then I started to look at Kerry and realized he was the sort of candidate that, in most years, the Republicans could've nominated anyone and beaten.

So you run two awful candidates against each other and you get 2004.

By comparison, Obama is amazing; certainly at least the equal to Bill Clinton as a candidate, but with different strengths and weaknesses. As someone said somewhere else, one of Obama's best strengths is that he's unwilling to concede any votes, and is actively chasing votes (gun owners, for instance) that other Democrats would've written off. Sure, there's political expediency and cost-benefit analysis going on; Obama's not running local ads where I am (though we're getting quite a lot of national-buy ads!), but still, he's out there asking for everyone's vote.

One amazing thing is that we have a candidate whose biggest weakness is that he's constantly at risk of turning into Angry Black Man consistently standing his ground and counterpunching against anything and everything. Kerry and Gore could've gone into tirades by comparison, and people would've praised their fire, yet they backed down from relative weak attacks. I don't actually think either of them are spineless, at all -- but when it counted, they let their campaigns and themselves turn spineless.

by Texas Gray Wolf 2008-10-14 11:52AM | 0 recs
Greens should get active in Dem primaries

especially in safe Democratic districts. That's how the Club for Growth and the religious right have gained power in the GOP.

Greens can help us elect better Democrats at all levels, but only if they give up on third-party politics.

by desmoinesdem 2008-10-14 08:19AM | 0 recs
Re: Greens should get active in Dem primaries

Lets switch that around:

Democrats can help elect Greens at all levels, but only if they give up on two-party monopoly politics.

I gave up on two-party politics in 2000. Yes, I'm voting for Obama this time, but I'm voting Green Party down-ticket.

All voters have the right to cast their ballots in support of the candidates that have earned their votes.

Democrats can lecture me on who to support and who to vote for the minute they enact Instant Runoff Voting.

Until then, spare my the hypocrisy.

by Daryl Northrop 2008-10-14 08:22AM | 0 recs
Re: Greens should get active in Dem primaries

No need to get defensive.  Until Instant Runoff Voting happens, the best path to get Greens in power is to run as Democrats and win primaries.  Going to be a lot more successful than hoping to win a plurality against both a Democrat and a Republican in a general election.  In most cases that just helps the Republican win.

by Skaje 2008-10-14 11:40AM | 0 recs
Do you honestly think....

That democrats or republicans will voluntarily implement IRV? No, of course they won't. Why would they do anything to threaten their monopoly on power?

D's and R's don't have a god-given right to anyone's vote, and the attitude that they do is elitist in the extreme and undemocratic in practice.

So, I will continue to case my vote for candidates that have earned it. This time in 2008, it's Obama. In 2000 and 2004, it was the Green candidate for president.

Frankly, the democratic party has been drifting to the right for decades now. IRV is the answer, and the fact that democrats regularly block IRV implementation is a testament to their true feelings about democracy and participation.

by Daryl Northrop 2008-10-16 05:54AM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

A special thanks to the 300 or so Greens in Florida who brought us Bush.

Woo Hoo glad to have you guys back....

by dtaylor2 2008-10-14 05:03PM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

You come back just to abuse the ratings system, Dummy?

by BlueinColorado 2008-10-14 07:00PM | 0 recs
Re: It's official - I'm voting for Obama

A special thanks to all the democrats who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004.

Put your own house in order first.

by Daryl Northrop 2008-10-16 05:49AM | 0 recs


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