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Obama backers see dream-ticket as nightmare

According to The Hill, Obama's congressional supporters believe that Sam Nunn is the man to prop up against Senator Obama in the General Election.
Some are wary of putting Clinton on the ticket because they believe she has run a racially divisive campaign.
Just a couple of quotes from the house members-
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), an Obama supporter, said Edwards would make a better running mate because "he hasn't made as many people angry. Some of the things she has said and done and her husband has said and done have disappointed people in a serious way. The comment that she was there for [the] white working class was divisive. I would hope there is a black and Latino working class she would be there for."

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NC State Senator Julia Boseman on MSNBC's Hardball Tonight

NC State Senator Julia Boseman will be appearing on Hardball Tonight with Harold Ford. According to Hardball producers, they want to talk to her about the experiences she has had on the campaign trail with Former President Clinton.  

From the Washington Post:

He's become the campaign's self-proclaimed "ambassador to small-town America," traveling to places where the mere arrival of his motorcade signals a significant moment in local history, where his charm and affability carry substantial weight among voters.

In the past month, at least 20 counties in Indiana and North Carolina received their first-ever presidential visits when Clinton stopped by. That meant 20 grateful towns, 20 awestruck audiences and a trail of feel-good local media coverage across both states. Hillary Clinton's campaign hopes it will pay off in her marathon race with Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) when rural voters in North Carolina and Indiana vote in their states' primaries Tuesday.

"He's perfect in places like this," said Julia Boseman, a North Carolina state senator who traveled to Lumberton with Clinton last week. "He has a way of instantly making the kind of connection that wins over people in towns like these. People here can't believe they're seeing or touching him. They love him just for coming."

Everybody likes a little attention.  And the attention our former POTUS is giving small towns in IN and NC might just pay off on Election Day.

This is the first time during this campaign cycle I am actually looking forward to watching Hardball.  

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Campaign Pics from NC

The reason why Hillary is gaining ground in Southeastern NC.  Hillary and her husband have been campaigning across small towns in NC for the past two weeks.  They invited State Senator Julia Boseman to campaign with them.  Photos.

also- Hillary out paces her opponent in the money race in Southeastern NC. 8/05/ ml

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A Million Hillary Angels

Thank you Pennsylvania!

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The Carlyle Group...Remember Them...

The Carlyle Group, you know the group Michael Moore informed everyone about in his movie 9/11.  Well, it seems that some of their Executives have picked their Democratic Candidate for this election.  

Take a look at this list of donors- and this list.  

Considering Senator Obama's speeches are constantly filled with, "hope, change, no more politics of the same, status quo, washington insider, special interest" what does he expect people to think when his words do not match his actions?

Reminds me of that song "one of these kids is doing their own thing" and it is starting to scare the bejebus out of me.  Reaching across the aisle and working with colleagues is one thing- taking donations from a private equity firm making millions from our conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan is just rude.

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Our Children Will Look At Themselves Differently....

Remember back in January when Obama made a phone call through a live broadcast to a joint meeting in Atlanta of black Baptist denominations, where Clinton was to appear in person later. These groups produced some of the most prominent civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

via HuffingtonPost

"Pastors are pushing this movement forward," Obama said of his campaign, "and I need each and every one of you in this fight." He asked the audience to imagine what it would mean for the country to see him with his hand on the Bible, taking the presidential oath of office.  "Our children will look at themselves differently and their possibilities differently. They'll look at each other differently," he said.

Senator, if that is the argument you're pushing- let me say that I believe it would have an even more profound impact if a woman was taking the Presidential Oath. We've had 43 Presidents that look just like you. Many have spoken the same words about unity and bringing people together - the great uniter, but my instincts are telling me Senator, with language like this you are becoming more like our current President, the great divider. Your latest rants have shown me you are not capable of lifting everyone up; instead, you are more comfortable in tearing a qualified opponent down.

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Obama's SuperDelegate Piggy Bank

Senator Barack Obama has said on numerous occasions that he doesn't take money from PAC's or Special Interest Groups.  That is a bold statement considering the Chairman of the Nuclear Industry's Lobby John Rowe is one of Barack's largest supporters and who also is the Chairman of Exelon.  Never mind all that- let's look at Senator Obama's Political Action Committee, uh, I mean HOPE Fund. During the 2006 election cycle HOPE Fund contributed over $337,000.00 to candidates or members of the House of Representatives running for re-election.  HOPE Fund also contributed over $238,000.00 to Senate candidates or members who were running for re-election.  So far during the 2008 campaign cycle, HOPE Fund has contributed a whopping $299,000.00 to candidates or sitting members of Congress.  Compare those numbers to Senator Clinton's.  During those same cycles HILL PAC contributed less than $110,000.00 to members or candidates running for House seats. And less than less than $180,000.00 to members or candidates for the US Senate.  HILL PAC has not contributed to any members or candidates in the 2008 cycle, so far.

We all know money grants access, whether it comes from lobbyist, individuals, or the evil "special interests." The big question here is, will Senator Obama's HOPE Fund investments pay off in Super-delegates?

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Hillary responds to Obama "bitter Pennsylvanians" VIDEO link

Got a video of Senator Clinton responding to media reports of Senator Obama suggesting "Pennsylvanians are bitter".

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Senator Obama Perfecting Jedi Mind Tricks

I thought it was funny. ?a=player&id=1816319

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