Hillaryis44 has gone insane...r

We will also continue our series discussing why Democrats should not vote for Obama - Voting For Barack Obama.

NOvember will come soon enough and we will vote for Hillary; No one else but Hillary. We will encourage others to do the same <snip> Very motivated Clinton supporters will never vote for Obama.

What the? Okay. I can see that if I was a nutjob that it would be a great idea, but they follow that up with this:

And a few words of advice to Hillary: If you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas.

Is that.. a threat? What does that even mean?

Is there any way to find out who exactly runs this site and make sure that they can't use this place as a platform? I mean honestly, Hillary Clinton herself has said that she will work as hard as she can to elect Obama as the 44th President. Why and how can they logically go against her expressed wishes? They would literally be working to sabotage that which she will be working her hardest to acheve.. How can someone who professes to care about someone that much work so hard for their destruction?

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