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    I haven't been here in months, it's awfully silly isn't it?  good lord.

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    Who wants to be there to support you, if you insist they're "wrong and mean"?  Not to mention all the other accusations in your post. If you want to move on, you've got to stop taking shots.

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    this is no longer a site for the loonies and racists and their irrational hatred of our President

    Jeez look in the mirror.

  • Seems that some liberals bring a gun to a knife fight.  And promptly use it to shoot themselves in the foot.

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    I suppose the word "bitter" is suffering a lot from overuse by now, but it is tough going when so many people demonized her as much as they did, for as long as they did, and knowing what were the very real consequences of that unfair and unjustified demonization.  PUMA is still a target, but consider what it's like to be on the receiving end of this deliberate trollish behavior for over a year, coming from the very people you'd thought were your allies and shared your values.  And now those people are starting see that she was never that caricature they thought she was and Daily Kos suddenly has recommended diaries praising her to the skies, just like that.  

    I remember thinking five years ago that the emerging liberal blogosphere had so much promise, and was a haven of free expression and dialogue during a time when the media was in lockstep with George W Bush.  And then I watched it turn into mob behavior, driven by emotion, on so many sites, and I expect it will continue. Next up, sooner or later Obama will make a misstep that sets himself in their sites as the target, and I'll watch the same people transform on a dime into anti-Obama trolls.  There has to be a better way.

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    Aren't you a bit bothered by the implication that your "Anti-Hillary Troll" behavior was completely unjustified and intellectually dishonest?  I know I would be.

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    As a Clinton supporter..  Do you realize, the experience of this entire primary process has been constantly being insulted, shamed, told I wasn't measuring up to the standards of random strangers on the Internets, and on and on.  This is more of the same.  

    If you want your candidate to win, maybe it's on you to kick this addiction to targeting and demonizing fellow Democrats who don't agree with you.

    Shouldn't your target be John McCain?

  • Also, whether I know who I'll vote for, or whether I don't know, or whether I'm undecided or not, or whether I won't vote: these things are my business and no one else's.  At some point, I might choose to say some things publicly about that, but not in response to demands.  

  • I just disagree.  I think the way dissent is addressed on the progressive blogs is doing more harm than good.

  • Ah well, it seems belligerence is in the eye of the beholder.

    I left Daily Kos because I was tired of "in your face" being the approach to everything, especially dissent of any kind.

  • The phrasing of these questions is so insulting.

    It assumes that YOU know how things really are, and the person you're addressing, is a hapless, naive, ignorant child, who needs to be yelled at so that s/he doesn't do a bad bad thing.  Let's get in people's faces and insist that WE know the truth.  WTF?  This is America, you can bully a person and get in their face all day long, and s/he is free to go right in that voting booth and cast a ballot against you and all the obnoxious attitudes you stand for.

    I could hardly think of a worse way to argue in favor of Democrats if I tried.

  • There are so many glaringly self-evident truths supporting the case for Obama's election this cycle, that one's IQ would have to be lower than the temperature on a cold winter's day to not understand that reality.

    Got it - the reasons to support Obama are "self-evident" and everyone who disagrees with you is stupid!

    This is why Democrats lose elections.

  • We actually don't all have to think like you do.  Surprising, I know.  :)  Unless you are the absolute monarch of the Internet and I've heretofore evaded a lettre de cachet?

  • I guess it's not a bad thing to fight them into oblivion

    It's a terrible thing!  Good lord!  This is a democracy!  People vote!  You can drive people off websites with angry rhetoric and "fight" them til the cows come home, and then they come to associate that negative behavior with causes and candidates you support, and then they go out and vote - for the OTHER candidate!  And that's what counts! This is not rocket science!

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    It seems to me that taking the time to put all this together to make a declaration about ignoring us, does not serve your stated purpose of ignoring us?


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