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  • to the so-called "progressives" hailing "Obama's unelectablitity"....you can't help it can you.?You see a different black candidate with an unconventional message who happens to be a fresh face but because you can't say out in the open what you conveniently fear inside, you point to early polls saying '..ooh..horrible numbers'. Then election day comes you expect minority voters to march lock step and vote for the democratic establishment! Keep at it, one day (and very soon I hope) you won't have black voters voters to dick around anymore!

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    He's been gone too long from NE politics to matter (last run was 94?)(1) The state is as republican as Idaho and Kerrey is not as conservative as Ben Nelson (who to me is more of a typical Midwest republican)(2)he's been in NYC for a while and I'm not sure how that will play with NE voters (3) NE's independents would be Republicans in almost any other state East of the MS River and in a presidential year I strongly doubt they'd pull the lever for any national Dem. Now if the GOP throws up a quirky candidate then maybe...other than that, its the GOP's race to lose. Besides..they are better opportunities elsewhere for Dems to spend their money in 2008.

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    (again..asswipe)if you have something substantive to say.

    You claim Clinton has "experience" and then scream S-Chip...like Gore in his debate with Bush saying "what about the Dingell bill? Any managerial experience? No..Has she successfully run a major government department? No....What makes you think I'm pro-Obama? Just cos I point out that neither of them have substantive experience...you shout as if that is false..yet Bill Clinton says Obama and HRC are not different on Iraq and you eat it up like a cheap crack whore getting a $.50 blowjob.
    See you get guilt ridden and talk trash when thinking people speak the truth to your hypocrisy...unlike your brown-nosing hyperactive partisan self, I have the luxury of making an informed independent-minded decision come Nov 2008 and low lying filth like yourself zero influence on my decision. Pass on!

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    if you have something substantive to say...otherwise, shut the hell up!

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    Why do people buy into stories that have no substance? What experience does Hilary or Edwards have that Obama lacks? The only reason she is the "frontrunner" is cos of her last name! period! Last dem ticket to win was Bill Clinton/Al Gore..she was never a cabinet secretary, she wanted to run for office, knew she'd be toast in Arkansas and ran into the arms of the NYC elite using her husband's influence to push other capable NY politicians aside. She has never sponsosored any meaningfull legislation..voted for a war so as to appear strong and then backs away from it when the going gets tough...no one on the left challenges her and now she's bamboozled them as calculating and manipulating as she's always been. Edwards was running for prez from the day he got into the senate and ran away from re-election cos he knew he'd lose to Dick Burr, now he's campaigning as though he is running for president of Bangladesh...Obama could have waited to learn the ropes but frankly NONE of them have any executive or managerial experience on the federal or state level.
    Personally, I think this "inexperience" bullshit on Obama stinks of racism...what "progressives" don't have the balls to say is this...we'd rather not nominate Clinton but we are "safer" with her than Obama cos there are more white women voters than black voters (black people are OK voting for white candidates and won't put up as much a fuss as whites voting for a black candidate). Now she says she has "change" with "experience" what  this woman only cares about one person..Clinton, she'll do anything and say anything to anyone to win. No conviction, no bedrock principles..nothing..just a free riding opportunist..that is not a progressive and that is not a Democrat and she doesn't fool me!
  • Overall I would agree...I would however add that Ritter ran and so far has governed as an atypical democrat (for one he is pro-life, opposes inceasing most business taxes and supports gun rights though not an NRA Democrat). The fastest growing county is El Paso County, home of Colorado Springs, but I think part of the growth in overall has come from Hispanics and conservative white Californians & Midwesterners who've moved there. A democrat like Ritter in the Mark Warner model fits CO, unfortunately (and sadly for me and countless other middle america Democrats), there aren't Democrats like that running this next year.  

  • has been maintaning historical decent GOP margins in the counties surrounding Denver and swamping big in El Paso County (Colarado Springs' population is larger than Denver's) and the out areas...the day Tancredo and/or Musgrave are defeated is when I'm sure CO has completely turned a corner (...until then I strongly doubt any of the current Dem candidates can or will win CO..unless the GOP nominee nominates Ron Paul or Sam Brownback...for 2008, the race will be won or lost in Florida, not OH and not PA.

  • my thoughts exactly...couldn't have said it any better!!

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    I've never heard of it!! I've heard of someone's polls changing after spending money on ads etc but not as a result of declaring I have raised X amount of $$.

  • Kerry did not win the popular vote...he lost it by over 3 million votes. Gore won it by about half a million. The Constition, which established the electoral college, is an anti-majoritarian document that was specifically designed to be very hard to change. The electoral college should stay but one thing I would like to see established in non-partisan legislative boundaries each district is as truly representative of its state as possible.

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    bullshit I've ever read on this blog. I say it warrants removal!!

  • You know over the years I have been convinced that the greatest hypocrites in American politics lie on the intellectual East-Coast leftwing establishment who try to shape public opinion through the media and pop culture. Its one of the things that drove conservatives insane to the point that they got Fox news and talk radio except those ones are just trying to accomplish the same thing except on the flip side of the ideological coin. I will never again criticize a man in hindsight just because of what the papers reported...Jesse Jackson, though I have strongly disagree with a lot of his views on certain matters, reacted to issues the way he saw fit and how he thought best...he may have been carried away a bit but he is a politician. I would not dismiss George Wallace just coz he was a racist rabble rouser...sometimes some folks can drive a man so far he just starts to holler. Every thinking american should aspire to be an Independent activist and voter and shy away from brain dead partisan labels....if you believe so strongly in something fight for it anyhow you can under the law, but the worst thing anyone can be is a pawn for the powerful, the elite, the left or the right, Democrats or Republicans...folks shouldn't just buy crap served to them in the name of party unity... Democrats and Republicans screw Americans alike be it on taxes, spending, Iraq,judges, jobs, immigration or whatever...they both need to be relegated and made to beg every 2 to 4 yrs for blood stained right to represent each and every American citizen in Congress and the White House and be thankful to God Almighty we haven't risen up in arms to clean our government of corruption and economic oppresion.

  • Its the same nonsense JFK had to deal with when he ran as the first Catholic just as Romney is having to face the same BS with the christian right. Its not enough to limit his candidacy though since any first___ president will have to deal with something of the sort. It would be hysterical for some to consider it as a backdoor reason to nominate HRC saying "its easier to sell a first woman than a first black"...my foot is barely in the Democratic party as it is and any message like that, however subtle, should be enough to drive any thinking person to a 3rd party.

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    I read it and I'm like..so what..where is it going? More importantly how is it relevant to people of reason. Obama is of a different generation and times have changed significantly...he may very well become the first non-full white president of the US and yeah its historic but about time someone's race or gender was irrelevant to their qualifications for higher office. If he makes it, will he convince his fellow politicians to abandon naked racial preferences in hiring and promotion? will he support the establishment of a national redistricting commission that stops taking race into account when drawing legislative lines..so blacks can represent whites and vice versa instead of all this rubbish that we see in TN-9? will he seek out regional diversity in staff and administrators rather than picking folks from Ivy league halls who produce activists rather than pragmatists? Finally, will he rein in wasteful government spending and make sure we continue to build a growing economy that lifts people out of poverty into self-sustenance? Minorities, just like everyone else, wants a government that responds effectively and efficiently to the important roles it should play in our lives and if Obama can bring such change, even if he only accomplishes 70% of it, he'll be a truly remarkable president. Lord knows we need them considering the awful lot we've had in the past 20 yrs.  


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