Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me [UPDATED]

Alas, Tim Kaine continues to fail me.

He never replied to my letter to him months ago, and he now has failed me deeply. He could veto the bills and force the Legislature to override him, taking a meaningful stand that will put him on the right side of history. Alas, he is swayed by his future political ambitions... he intends to be Senator at some point, or maybe governor again after this term.

RICHMOND, April 10 -- Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) said Monday that he will vote against a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage when it appears before Virginians in November because it could have far-reaching consequences for all unmarried couples in the state.
In a symbolic and rare action, the governor refused to sign the bill that places the language of the amendment on the Nov. 7 ballot, indicating that he opposes the measure but believes it should come before the electorate.
State law bans same-sex unions, but supporters of the constitutional amendment say it is necessary to clarify that Virginia is not compelled to recognize same-sex marriages or civil arrangements permitted in other states.

Yes, Tim, why on earth would we want to be fair and reasonable, and LEAD this state, swaying people with meaningful, convincing arguments? Is this not what you were elected to do?

I remain thoroughly and utterly disappointed in Tim.

Update [2006-4-14 9:2:0 by daninvirginia]:I correct myself. Tim could not veto this bill, the governor has no authority to veto a propsed constitutional amendment. The best he can do is refuse to sign it and say publicly that he will vote against it. I'd like to see him campaign against it tho. That would show guts and leadership. *sigh*

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Re: Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me

So you would prefer that he make a symbolic and completely futile gesture to make you feel good - as his veto would be easily overriden - while at the same time severely injuring if not destroying his political future?  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.  

I mean seriously, the guy refused to sign the bill and said he think the amendment is a bad idea.  Moreover, the way he's arguing against the amendment - by saying it's not necessary and that it's divisive - is the best way to get a socially conservative state like Virginia to defeat the measure.  Did you really expect more from him on this issue?

by HSTruman 2006-04-11 07:51AM | 0 recs
Re: Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me

What a shame, that a politician is not making you feel good.

Certainly if a politican doesn't please each and every constituent, he or she is a failure.

Down with Kaine.  The Quest For Purity Lives. Onward.

Let's stop worrying about silly things like Nov '06.  Let's pick our Red State brothers to death.  That'll be practical AND fun.

by Andmoreagain 2006-04-11 08:29AM | 0 recs
Re: Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me

He has no responsibility to satisfy me.

He does have a moral and employment responsibility to LEAD.

Chuck Robb spoke very eloquently against the amendment. He put his money where his mouth was and may very well have ended his political career by voting against "Don't ask, Don't Tell" and the so-called "Defense of Marriage Act" in the 90s.

Tim Kaine can speak against it and refuse to sign it, but that is all very hollow. He is IN A POSITION TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE by vetoing this piece of trash. He is in a position to put weight behind his words. I think he is taking the easy way out.

As someone who volunteered for him, donated to him, and voted for him, I am profoundly disappointed. I expected him to hold true to his word when he spoke at an Equality Virginia event during the campaign and said that fair-minded Virginians reject this crap. He has let me down.

by daninvirginia 2006-04-11 09:15AM | 0 recs
Re: Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me

Just to be clear then, you're suggesting that Kaine's political role model should be Chuck Robb?  

That would be the same Chuck Robb who convinced so many people with his brave stands on the issues you cite that:  1. They passed anyway, by overwhelming margins; and 2. So many Virginians were convinced that Robb lost to the horrific and completely bigoted George Allen in his next election?

Finally, what do you mean he's in a position to make a difference?  If he vetoes it, the legislature WILL override him and he hands the state republican party a nice wedge issue to use when the Democratic party in the state is finally starting to make something of a come back.  

By doing what he is doing -- saying he disagrees with it and trying to convince conservative but somewhat open-minded voters that the amendment is divisive and not needed -- Kaine may actually help defeat the bill.  Isn't that point, or do you prefer grand gestures that are ultimately futile?  Eventually demographic changes are going to help progressives win on this issue.  In the meantime, we need to make incremental gains.    

by HSTruman 2006-04-11 09:47AM | 0 recs
Re: Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me

Good Lord, yes! Chuck Robb is a model leader. He was when he was in the military, and he was as governor and then Senator. He was re-elected in 94 despite his vote AGAINST Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He lost in 2000 because he ran a half-hearted campaign. But he lost by a tiny margin.

There is a fine line here - I don't care about the dems retaking power if they are on the wrong side of issues. If they are on the wrong side, they deserve to LOSE, even to the deeply evil and corrupt republicans. I am for a party that will lead us forward into the future on the right side of history. If Kaine can't be there, I don't want him to be governor or in any other position of power.

I think the onlly way for dems to win is for them to take these stances on "tough issues" and make these "grand gestures." I suppose you think that the dems lost in 04 because of gay marriage?  That the gays have screwed it up for the dems? Well, if so, then so be it, because the youth is overwhelmingly pro gay rights, and the majority position in the country is shifting for gay marriage/civil unions, and I want the dems to be on the right side of that, not shifting positions to fit the political winds.

It takes guts to be right when the public doesn't agree with you. That's called COURAGE and LEADERSHIP.

by daninvirginia 2006-04-14 04:58AM | 0 recs
Re: Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me

Take another look at what I wrote.  You and I agree on the issue of gay marriage - what we apparently disagree about is how best to defeat a bad bill and, more generally, how to successfully ensure that the demographic changes we BOTH cite actually produce pro gay rights legislation.

Courage and leadership are - of course - what I want out of my party and my political representatives too.  I just don't think that exhibiting those characteristics means that a politician has to approach every issue exactly how I'd like them to in an ideal world.  Kaine is for civil unions and is against this amendment.  If he's able to help keep the amendment from passing, how is that not exhibiting courage and leadership?  

by HSTruman 2006-04-14 05:38AM | 0 recs
Re: Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me

You serve one term, but have to take the next term off. Then you can run again.

by daninvirginia 2006-04-11 01:11PM | 0 recs
Re: Tim Kaine Underwhelms Me

Dunno about Godwin, but Jerry Baliles did that and did his last term in the mid-80s, right when I moved here during High School.

I don't care one way or the other. I got new information and have amended my criticism of Kaine. I want to see how his remaining years go. What will he do, how will he govern?

I expect if Warner does not get the nod for Prez in 08 that he will run for gov again in 09. And I think he would probably win.

by daninvirginia 2006-04-14 04:53AM | 0 recs


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