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    No question I could not have started it myself.  My brother, who later went on to start Zivtech (mentioned above), did it all, because he is nice and because he was learning Drupal and because he wanted to help grow our blog.  So, I think to build the basic site, you would need someone with Drupal experience.

    Once it is set up, it is very, very easy to use and modify, change features, basic design, for anyone with general blogging/html level skills.

    This would all take money to do.  But, I think a Drupal firm could make a liberal blog package that could be designed by one of the above mentioned firms for a reasonable price- and that design would be able to be modified or worked on by others, which seems like a real problem with soapblox.

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    Tool around our site:  Young Philly Politics

    The graphic design is just out of the box drupal, but in terms of the features, I am pretty sure we have everything a soapblox blog would have, plus some other things, like job listing form, etc.

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    Why bother calling him via satellite, when it seems obviously taped?  He kept stepping on his own applause.  

    When did they get so inept?

  • And, more to the point:  Why? Because backing someone I believe in is a hell of a lot of fun.

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    At this point, John Edwards, with an outside potential that I could be 'Gore-d.'  Why?  That whole 'we should end poverty' thing, and every time I think he is going to move to the right, he just keeps on doing his liberal thing.

    There are some notable exceptions, of course.  But, to me, I think slowly but surely Edwards is laying down the gauntlet to Democrats to stand for something real and fundamental:  ending generational poverty.  As Sirota mentioned today, and others have mentioned recently, the fact that GOP and Dem insiders don't like him just makes me think he is doing something really right.  

    If Gore gets in, and he is still Al, version 2.0, then I will have a little bit tougher decision.  And I would be overwhelmingly happy with a President Obama.

    But give me the guy who has decided to campaign like Bobby Kennedy, and you have who I support.

    As an aside, in 2004, my support went something like Clark-->Dean-->Kerry/Edwards.  But, he has really impressed me in the last 3 years, from just about the second the campaign ended.

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    I have a column in the City Paper this week about race and... the race.

  • I agree with your basic premise- that the Ward system is less and less powerful, and Philadelphia is basically sick of the current state of their government.  (John Street has a 21 percent approval rating.)  Nutter, like Knox was before him, is now tapping into that feeling, and clearly has the big mo.  Not only that, I expect many people to coalesce around him, and suspect that now that this is pointing in one direction, more and more people will be hopping on board.

    The one premise I think is off is your surprise that Nutter has the support of the Chamber of Commerce.  Nutter is a decent guy, but, for the last 6 years he has been the leader of the Chamber of Commerce's fight to cut business taxes in the City.  (Whether you think that is a good thing or not- I don't- is not the point.  But, it flat out is one of his two signature issues.)  He also was honored by the same Suburban Chamber of Commerce ("he gets it" was the line) that had just endorsed Santorum.  From the very start he has been the Chamber's choice, just like he was their chief advocate on Council.  

    In many ways, his campaign is more of a Bloomberg type than a Daley one. His main focus is on efficient services, lower taxes, etc.  Again, that does not have to be a bad thing- but- it is what he is campaigning on.

    A few small errors:  

    Evans hails from Oak Lane, Nutter from W. Phily, or really, Overbrook; not really the same part of the City.  

    Abraham was I think a four term incumbent 2 years of being appointed, and then three 4 year election cycles.  I think Seth raised 70k against her.

    Either way, things are exciting in our City.  I think some good Council people are going to win; I don't think Tom Knox is going to win; and generally, I feel pretty optimistic about where we are going.

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    It is a youtube video.  Do you have flash installed?

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    More importantly:  

    Its official, Montana has a lullaby!

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  • Very interesting comment.

  • Yeah, but my point is that you are filtering out an especially big number of good candidates before they decide to run.

  • Sorry.  I mean, read NOT white men.

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    I think you would get more non traditional (read, non white men) if you had public financing of elections.

  • Lois Murphy was "the" establishment candidate for two cycles, and got a ton more support up front than Sestak or Pat Murphy.

    Not saying the problem is not real.  But, she is not a very good example.


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