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  • comment on a post Dodd Smacks Down O'Reilly Over Yearly Kos over 7 years ago

    Who was the other person who was able to outfox Billo on his own show, a few months back?

    That clip and this should be required viewing for anyone preparing to go on the Factor. Marshal your points in advance, have something to attack with, don't back down, hit Falafelhead with his tactics even as he's using them. Dodd also broke through the BS argument rather well, but that isn't even necessary.

    The only problem is that they probably don't have any of these guests on more than once. So we have to keep training new recruits.

  • There are constitutional barriers to simply admitting DC as a state. This is why there's been a DC statehood amendment floating around.

    Congress could legislate treating DC as a state for representation purposes. But the GOP is bitterly opposed to adding two presumably Democratic Senators by fiat.

    The DC voting-rights people have arrived at just adding one House member as a pragmatic achievable alternative.

  • Utah is apparently the state that came closest after the 2000 reapportionment to having one more seat -- by 957 persons.

    To explain: since there are 435 seats mandated now, they dole out all the "full" seats, based on dividing the total population by 435, then rank the states by the extra persons they have. The top-ranked states get one more in turn until there are 435 taken. The very next state, in this process, was Utah.

    I don't know what the numbers were offhand but it's roughly 600,000 persons. If your state has 1,200,000 persons, you're entitled to two seats. If instead you have 1,199,998 persons, and there's a state that has 1,199,199 persons, and there's one seat left to allocate, they get the seat instead of you. Very much an OH SNAP moment.

  • Aha. So it was just a "requested" bond (see my comment above).

    It's frustrating when you have such a clearly abusive situation, sympathy for which can be undone by the over-reaching exaggerations of supporters.

  • I think you're right -- the news release (from the union) plays up the DA's requested bail. Prosecutors often ask for ludicrously high bonds, in the hopes that the judge will reduce it to merely punitively high. This judge was obviously having none of it.

    But the DA can't "set" bail. Maybe in a Napoleonic legal system, not in an adversarial system.

    Then again, Texas is a whole 'nother country ...

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    the Kean's are an interesting family, a kind of Bush family of New Jersey

    It should not surprise you to learn that they're related ...

    Fifth cousins a couple of times removed, as I recall   -- Dubya is a descendant of Gilbert Livingston (1690-1746), like the Keans. Isn't it wonderful that we choose our leaders from a wide pool of about 5000 people?

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    I'm with the camp (incl. Ezra Klein) that worries he's never been really tested, due to the circumstances of his Senate run. (Yes, he primaried against Hynes, but he'd be up against the dirtiest of Republican attacks in a national.) Also, there's the matter of his seemingly deliberately uncontroversial Senate record to date.

    We need a street fighter. Unfortunately, Big Dog has run out his clock ...

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    Careful. This is calculated to raise Democrats' ire and distract them from responding to the issues. It's just like the smug one-note freeper attacks, since adopted by the likes of Ann Coulter -- hammer away on something so ridiculous on its face that your opponent is too stunned to respond properly.

    It's not like they're going to stop using it. And they have so many synonyms they could switch to (Demotard, Lib-Dem, Commies). Best to remind yourself of them before entering the fray, so you don't take your mind off the ball.

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    Even back then, Lieberman was running as a Republican.

    So true. I lived in NYC at the time, and I must admit that coming from the Midwest I was unfamiliar except in theory with Northeastern liberal Republicans. So it took me by surprise that Lieberman was running to the right of Weicker on some issues -- I recall gun control and abortion, for some reason, but it's been a while.

    I loathed his choice as VP nominee, and watching his performance in the recount madness felt my distrust was correct. Isn't it true he was making statements without consulting the campaign?

  • This may be true, but many evangelical Christians, despite having extremely similar overall politics, think of Mormons as cultists.

  • The best part of this ad was Hastert with the monster hands!

    There's a blog out there, forget which one, that has Conrad Burns -- I think -- and his seemingly webbed hands a huge distance away from his head.

    I agree the rest of it wasn't as tight as it could have been -- too many things going on.

    And I really didn't buy the nasty-innuendo "a SEK-choo-al PREH-duh-tore" voiceover. True enough, but why not say it in a normal tone of voice? Make a case for handling the thing in a sensible manner, not going off half-cocked.

  • Census Bureau's most recent study is here [pdf].

    In 2000, voters represented 55% of the total population, 60% of the citizen population, and 86% of the registered population.

    In 2002 [press release], voters were just about 69% of the registered population.

  • In other countries you can be fined for not voting.

    I personally take a libertarian position that it is not just my responsibility, but my choice, to vote. It's a matter of individual liberty.

    I've maintained this position as I've watched voting rates fall.

  • I'm going to stick to pessimism and my guesstimate of a majority no higher than five seats, if and only if we get it.

    The last thing we need is to get those five seats, and have the media asking why we didn't get twenty, and what that means for the yadda yadda yadda.

    The media has a trunk full of Democratic narratives just waiting to be pulled out and polished. Stay on target. Stay on target.


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