I'm Proud to Have Labor's Support in TX-10

I am proud to have received the enthusiastic endorsement of the Texas AFL-CIO and other Labor groups representing more than 230,000 working men and women across the state.

Every progressive movement in our nation's modern history has come about because of Organized Labor's courage and steadfast refusal to take its eye off the ball -- protecting the health and well-being of the great American middle class.

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TX-10: Dan Grant on Failed Economy Pushed By McCaul

The reviews are in, and consumer spending this holiday season was up a mere 3.6 percent over the year before.  It was the weakest increase in at least four years, as families purchased fewer presents to put under the tree -- and spent one-third of that increase on gasoline.

The news is the latest evidence that the free spending fueled by Washington's aimless policies in Iraq has turned our economy into the equivalent of a grade-B horror flick come to life -- Return of the Living Debt.

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TX-10 - Dan Grant makes it official: "I'm in it to win it!"

The candidate filing period opened today -- and Dan was there to make it official, saying he hoped to signal his understanding of how eager Central Texas voters are to get started on changing Washington.

"I'm in this race to win this race," Dan said.

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TX-10: Grant Calls on Opponent to Put Texas Taxpayers First, Clear Channel Last

The Federal Communications Commission is moving ahead with plans to help big media get bigger.  A rally happening right now in front of FCC headquarters in Washington, D.C., is designed to slow the rush toward even more consolidation.

My opponent should break his silence on this important issue and explain whether he is working for the Texas taxpayers who own the public airwaves or Clear Channel, his family's mega-media company.

Call McCaul at 202-225-2401 and remind him who owns the public airwaves.

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Dan Grant: `SCHIP Fight Not Over Yet'

It's World Series week, and Congressman Mike McCaul is about to get another chance to improve his batting average when a measure providing uninsured Texas kids the kind of health insurance program he enjoys comes up again for debate.

So far, he's batting 0-2.

First, he voted against the bi-partisan SCHIP bill that would have extended coverage to nearly 1.4 million Texas children whose parents work hard and earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to afford private insurance. Then, he remained in lockstep with the Bush-Cheney administration and voted against overriding the President's veto.

Forty-four Republicans joined the Democratic majority in voting to override last week and guarantee access to affordable health care for the children of parents who are working hard and playing by the rules. They ignored the misinformation spread by the White House and did the right thing.

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TX-10 - Dan Grant: 'McCaul Votes For Big Insurance First, Texas Families Last'

My opponent once more failed to do the right thing today.

He again put his loyalty to the Bush-Cheney administration ahead of his obligation to the families who pay for his own health care with their taxes but can't afford the same rights for their own children.

Central Texans were looking for more leadership and less followership in Washington, D.C. today, because with more uninsured children than any other state, we had more to lose. We didn't get that leadership today.

It's time for a fresh start in a new direction.

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Dan Grant (TX-10): 'Call McCaul'

The U.S. House Thursday is scheduled to vote on whether to override the President's controversial veto of the bi-partisan State Children's Health Insurance Program.  Rep. Mike McCaul should vote to provide more than 1.4 million uninsured Texas children the health care they need.

Unfortunately, McCaul voted against uninsured kids and for insurance industry special interests the first round.  Will he find the moral courage to do the right thing today?  Will he finally make Texas priorities his priorities?

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TX-10 - Does Mike McCaul Agree With His Brother-in-Law?

The junior Congressman From Clear Channel has been notably silent during the uproar over rightwing talk show host Rush Limbaugh's attack on U.S. troops who oppose the White House's misadventure in Iraq as "phony soldiers."

Now Rep. McCaul's brother-in-law, the CEO of the company that broadcast Limbaugh's diatribe, is defending the indefensible.

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McCaul Should Move On - TX-10

One day after voting against extending the same kind of taxpayer-funded health care he himself enjoys to more than four million eligible American children who have no insurance at all, Mike McCaul has found a cause he can support -- condemning the free expression of opinion by a group of citizens during an important national debate.

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TX-10: Let's stand with U.S. workers this Labor Day -- and beyond

When Congress gets back to work after its August recess, the first thing lawmakers should do is unite behind a common sense initiative to support our National Guard troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 'Patriot Corporations of America Act' would require corporations to support U.S. troops by paying the difference between regular salary and military salary for all National Guard and Reserve employees who are called up to active duty, and by continuing health insurance coverage for the Guard member and his or her family.

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