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    Wonderful. Beautiful. Thank you for posting.

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    In my field, accounting, companies are cutting back. Which is odd because accounting is something that should be beefed up in hard times. From the contracts I have worked, what I notice is that they are just not doing the work. One place had put off assembling AP packets for 3 years. Which meant there could not be an audit. Very odd state of affairs.

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    Thank you for a clear presentation of what actual existing Mormonism is all about. Please post this everywhere.

  • One of the leading developed economies is Japan, which in case you haven't noticed is not a 'white' country. So much for the 99.99% thesis.

    The key to being an advanced country seems to be that in the last 150 years, the country was not a colony of some great power.

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    Lived in Arkansas in the early 90's. I personally knew a gay man who worked fairly high up in state government. Bill was being pressured to fire him as he had been outed. Hillary steped in and demanded that the guy stay. She won.

    She worked with the gay community in Arkansas to create a safer sex program that would be effective. And recognize the needs of gay kids. My late partner worked as a volunteer presenter in this. He spoke at high schools in rural Arkansas. Demonstrating how to put a condom on a cucumber. Explaining the mechanics and dangers of anal sex. This would have been 90 to 94.

    Hillary worked with our community to add health care for PWA's into the system she set up. People from ACT-UP DC visited us and as they saw the program, they were impressed. They told us that this was one of the very best in getting treatment to PWA's in the nation. Hillary began doing this beginning in the mid 80's.

    In 1993, some right wingers were preparing to out one of her staffers as a gay man. He wrote a letter of resignation. She refused to accept it, he remained on her staff.

    Hillary has always had openly gay staffers, going back to Arkansas. Her ties to our community are deep and personal.

  • She had gay and lesbian people around her. She had a long history of surrounding herself with gay people. She had stood up for gay people against homophobes for over 20 years. Hillary had a history with us. Obama did not; which made me think he would turn on us when convenient. Which he just did.

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  • Hi Chino, thanks again for all your work. Only you can crosspost your own work. If I did it, that would be stealing from you. Which I would never do.

  • How else can we please you? Should we shut up about other issues too? Notice that no openly gay person has been appointed to anything yet. Probably because there is no one worthy enough.

    Congratulations on carrying on the McClurkin tradition of the Obama campaign.

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    Great diary, fantastic research. Can this be posted everywhere, like Dkos and Talkleft etc? Really need to get this information out.

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  • A lot depends on the public claims the business makes about its services. The problem eHarmony has is that its founder has made statements that his software could be used for same sex dating. And that he had researched and was an expert on the subject. The claims had been made over a long period of time and had received widespread publicity. In standard commercial law and practice, when the seller claims a product can do something but refuses to sell it for that purpose, that is fraud. Had he always said that it was only for heterosexuals, he would have been off the hook. It is like selling a lotion that softens the skin, removes dead cells etc and then adding that it cures cancer. This is a claim that must be proven one way or the other. And refusing to sell it to people with cancer is not a way to prove. This was a difficult position; the only other way out for eHarmony would be to make a big fuss about how their earlier claims were fraudulant and misleading, sorry folks.

  • There are also very few exgays who are not on the payroll of some conservative Christian organization. They are 'exgay for pay'.

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    I did not do enough either. We need to really go over the history of this loosing campaign to figure out what went wrong. Deciding to not use handout literature is sure up there as a dumb mistake.

    But things are looking brighter. We need to hold the Democratic Party to work with us openly, not the hidden help horseshit.


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