Clinton LOSES CO, OR, WI, IA, MI and will have to FIGHT for WA

Hillary supporters say that because Obama will lose Ohio and Florida, which together, constitute 47 EV's, we must nominate Hillary. Well, I'm including the states where Obama outperforms Hillary - Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Washington, which constitute 61 EV's ... and in this election, I think we can all agree that they are swing states, OR potential swing states.

From RealClearPolitics:


Colorado% of Vote
Colorado% of Vote


Oregon% of Vote

Oregon% of Vote


Wisconsin% of Vote

Wisconsin% of Vote


Iowa% of Vote

Iowa% of Vote


Michigan% of Vote

Michigan% of Vote


Washington% of Vote

Washington% of Vote

So can we please put this damn Hillary does better in the swing states meme to rest? They both do well in swing states, just different ones.

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LA-06: Meet Don Cazayoux

Another exciting opportunity to add to our majority before November. The LA-06 special general election is on May 3 - Todd

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The Cazayoux campaign released this web-only video about the race:

Don's candidacy has sparked a fire amongst the unions here in LA-06. While they've worked with political candidates before, I've never seen them this excited about a candidate. If you like the idea of adding to the Democratic majority in the House with someone who will be there with us on the economic issues we all care about, then donate.

I also had the opportunity to interview Don, using questions from commenters here at Daily Kos, MyDD, and Daily Kingfish. The interview is below the jump!

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LA-06: AnzaloneLiszt Research Polling Shows Cazayoux (D) Beating Jenkins (R)

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Yesterday, the Cazayoux campaign released the results of a poll it commissioned AnzaloneLiszt Research to do on the LA-06 special general election. Here are the results:

CandidatePoll %
Don Cazayoux49%
Woody Jenkins42%

Also, Cazayoux's favorable/unfavorable ratings are 55%/13%, which improved since the March primary, with the favorables increasing by 15%, compared to Woody's 56%/34%, which has remained static over the last month.

Further, the Republican generic ballot advantage in this district is gone ... with voters saying that 43% of them will vote for the Democrat, and 41% of them will vote for the Republican. That means Woody will have to win on his own merits.

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LA-06: Calling for Questions to Ask Don Cazayoux

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Morning, y'all. My name is Ryan, and I am main blogger behind the Daily Kingfish. This week, I will be conducting an interview with Don Cazayoux, the Democratic nominee for the special election in Louisiana's 6th CD, which encompasses the Baton Rouge metro area.

To that end, I'm asking for a little help in regards to questions to ask him when I interview him. I'm looking for something more than the usual questions folks want to know on the red-button issues. I'm looking for questions dealing with the economy, health care, transportation issues, the mortgage crisis, the War in Iraq, etc. I will use some of those questions in the interview, and will attribute them to who asked them. So if y'all can include where you're from in your comment, I would be greatly appreciative.

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LA-06: It's Crunch Time

Aight, y'all ... in less than month, voters will head back to the polls and decide which candidate best represents Louisiana values. Don Cazayoux's campaign is putting the final touches on their sprint to the finish and they need our help to put them over the top. It's time to get their message out and make sure all the voters know that Don will stand up for Louisiana families.

Don has promised to stand up for Louisiana's middle class families by fighting to provide access to high quality, affordable health care, while at the same time making it easier for small businesses to provide health care to their employees. He's also committed to keeping the lower tax rates for middle class families, so they can keep what they earn, and reinvest it right here in Louisiana.

CQ Quarterly called this race a "No Clear Favorite," which is astonishing, as this district has been represented by a Republican for the last 30+ years. Even the Cook Political Report called a Cazayoux-Jenkins matchup "a perfect storm for Democrats":

Insiders on both sides agree the nomination of the current favorites - moderate Democratic state Rep. Don Cazayoux and GOP newspaper publisher Woody Jenkins - would present something akin to a perfect storm for Democrats in the May 3rd special general election.

Cazayoux, much like neighboring Democratic Rep. Charlie Melancon did in 2004, could very plausibly take advantage of GOP disunity and use his rural background to cut into the heart of the district's GOP base.

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Louisiana SecState Dardenne (R-Baton Rouge) following RACIST Republican Script

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Secretary of State Jay Dardenne, (R-Baton Rouge) in testimony to the House Government Affairs Committee on 2 May 2007 used a racist code word in support of his position to deny Louisianans displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita the right to vote in Louisiana elections. 

He was invited to give his opinion on Jalila Jefferson-Bullock's HB 619, which would extend the right of displaced persons to vote in Louisiana elections for the upcoming gubernatorial election this fall. 

The code word used by Secretary Dardenne?  Chaos.

UPDATE: Don't believe this?  Then click here and go to 2 May 2007, and click on House Gov Affairs.  It'll launch Real Player, and in the interest of saving you 3 hours, skip to 2:40, and watch from there.

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Senator Breaux's Candidacy for Louisiana Governor In Peril?

Update [2007-4-13 16:17:12 by DailyKingFish]:Cross posted at Daily Kingfish

Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti (D-New Orleans) has declined to issue an advisory opinion on whether or not former Senator John Breaux would be considered a citizen of Louisiana under our Constitution, thereby ensuring his place on the ballot for the Governor's race this fall.

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