LA-06: Calling for Questions to Ask Don Cazayoux

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Morning, y'all. My name is Ryan, and I am main blogger behind the Daily Kingfish. This week, I will be conducting an interview with Don Cazayoux, the Democratic nominee for the special election in Louisiana's 6th CD, which encompasses the Baton Rouge metro area.

To that end, I'm asking for a little help in regards to questions to ask him when I interview him. I'm looking for something more than the usual questions folks want to know on the red-button issues. I'm looking for questions dealing with the economy, health care, transportation issues, the mortgage crisis, the War in Iraq, etc. I will use some of those questions in the interview, and will attribute them to who asked them. So if y'all can include where you're from in your comment, I would be greatly appreciative.

Here's the background on LA-06: It's a conservative leaning district that has sent a Republican to Congress since 1975. The trends in Baton Rouge are changing, however, as we recently elected a Democrat to be our Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish. This has, so far, been proven true, at least if you measure it by election turnout.

Turnout during the primary phase of this special election was:

Democratic Party47,461
Republican Party29,782

In the run-off part of the primary, the turnout was:

Democratic Party34,866
Republican Party24,504

And here's some background and some more background info on Don's stances on various issues to help y'all formulate questions!

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Re: LA-06: Calling for Questions to Ask Don Cazayo

Do you believe tighter regulation of the mortgage industry would have prevented the sub prime crises?

Do you believe that storefront "Payday Loans" should be regulated with a cap on interest?

...I would also assume Katrina related issues means a lot down there....

Good Luck..

Every District..Every State ...(Howard Dean)

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