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    I probably deserved it on some level.

    Well yeah you did. You went over the top in the way you addressed Sirota.

    However, I'm with you in thinking that post by Sirota was just asinine flame-bait. His sophomoric truth-teller routine won't be a problem at all on November 5th. Right now we've got an election to win and I can do without the high-minded fools who think that they have a right and a duty to post whatever they want regardless of it's impact on the election.

    It's not as if they have a meter that will let them know when they've gone too far. What's is clear though is that if Obama loses most progressive goals will get set back years, if not decades. Decades? Let McCain (or Palin) use the Presidency for 4 more years in which they may well appoint 3 more Supreme Court justices and we'll see how much progress we make towards Sirota's proclaimed progressive goals.

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    Ya know .. this comment is so sweet that obviously, out of context, it doesn't deserve a troll rating. But you are obviously a troll who is clearly NOT trying to help Obama get elected so I'm going to go out on a limb here and troll-rate you. If that's ratings abuse ... so be it. I call them like I see them.

  • Lame. Just like this diary.
  • I know. I need to get a life. ;)

  • What amazes me is that the proprietors of this site <cough>Armstrong</cough> allow crap diaries like this to remain up.

    At least the front pagers now seem on board with electing the Democrat (Obama) to the Presidency.

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    My comment had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton or the fact that she is a target of some ridiculous postings around the blogs. I like her and wish her well.

    The problem is that MyDD has clearly become a favorite stomping ground for GOP trolls who stir up trouble and try to throw wrenches in the works. Parroting Bill O'Reilly's very recent attack on the left blogosphere is a pretty clear indication you aren't a Democrat and don't wish Democrats well.

    Calling Daily Kos a "hate site" is exactly the line of attack used by the GOP. Calling it a "sewer" is exactly the words used by O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh. If complaining about that on a left-wing blog indicates I'm riding on a high horse then I'm comfortable with that characterization.

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    Anybody who decides to hoist the Bill O'Reilly banner has gotta be a troll. Thus the 1. Same with calling DailyKos a "sewer" as a commenter did below. If I get banned for it ... so be it.
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    Was Pat Tillman murdered? I certainly don't know. But what is incontrovertible is that the military and the Bush Administration have been lying about what happened ever since Tillman's death.

    The investigation needs to be opened up to public eyes so that the Tillman family and the country can put the matter behind them. Without transparency in the process it's entirely rational to suspect that Tillman, an outspoken Iraq war critic and atheist was intentionally silenced.

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    I find mocking their critical thinking skills is the most fun) and/or troll rate their comments as appropriate.

    I've also followed this basic philosophy of dealing with trolls and abusive posters for the few years I've hung around at MyDD. I've only given out a few zero's in all that time, mostly for spammers not trolls. A few weeks ago though I apparently gave a '1' on the wrong comment and the admins deleted every rating I'd ever done. They never communicated to me regarding that action in any way so I can't say for sure what the rule was I broke. I emailed a slightly indignant note to Bowers but never got a response. I wouldn't be shocked to find I got one wrong but having every rating deleted seemed severe. That pretty much ended my interest in participating in policing MyDD by rating down trollish comments.

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    I think you've hit very close to what has caused so many people to gather and communicate on blogs with this:

    I began, along with creative class professionals everywhere, to yell.  And as I've looked into history, what I've found is that I'm yelling, we're yelling, a lot like the Communist/socialist organizers of the 1930s were yelling, and a lot like the New Right were yelling in the 1970s.  It's a yell born of primal identity, values, and an obsessive willingness, even need, to restructure power arrangements.  It's like an itch that upon scratching, does not go away until you remove the skin itself.

    I can definitely relate to that.

    Best of luck at your new site.

  • I get the feeling nobody is minding the store.

  • Singlehandedly, you lambiel, have drastically lowered the level of discourse on MyDD. I'm unsure of your agenda but when I see your name attached to an Obama attack it makes me look doubly hard at sourcing and credibility. It also lowers my estimation of those who support your "LOL", ridiculing, character-assassinating style.

    For example:

    How old are you? three, five? Did your mom .breast feed you this morning?
    If Obama's 'movement's consists of folks primarily like you, ....
    Cough, cough, shudder.

    This 'movement' is going really well, I guess.

    It has the real potential to rival Edwards' 'haircut'. Shudder.

    You're just juniorish beyond imagination. No wonder your 'movement' Obama is becoming a daily joke.

    He is really no different than Al Sharpton. Actually if you have watched CNN over the past days, there's lots of talk on Obama's comments on 'silent riot'.  So much so for his 'new politics'.

    Is it the same 'Obama girl' background music? The whole thing is so faked, I can't help but laugh.

    Hero? What qualifies him to be a HERO? Did he fight in Iraq?

    All packaging, buzz, crowd, cough, cough...

    'Am I looking presidential?' should be the name of this fluff.

    LOL. Obamaniacs.

    More gimmicks. LOL.

    I want him to go after Clintons as well. This will further reveal the absurdity of his 'new movement', 'new politics' candidacy.

    Obama, the biggest fraud in recent democratic party history.

    Just thought I'd explain why I gave you the '1'.

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    I'll piggy-back on your comment to note that along with my good wishes for Chris I also wish Matt the best. I've been waiting for his own GBCW but it hasn't shown up yet. Matt tends to rile people up a little more often but he's going to leave his own big hole here as well.
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    Good luck Chris. You've already helped bring about a positive change in our country and I'm sure that you'll continue to do so at your new address.
  • You can't do anything if you don't win the election.  I respect any candidate who is willing to use LEGAL means to win an election which is exactly what Obama did.  

    Absolutely. The winner of the Democratic primary in 2008 will be facing a Republican Party that has completely subverted the Department of Justice with partisans intent on using all their power to influence elections. That power includes specially selected U.S. Attorneys throughout the country who are intent on helping Republicans win. The Democratic candidate will be competing in that arena and needs to be savvy and aggressive in making sure the playing field doesn't tilt so far that they lose an otherwise winnable election.

    Back in 1996 Obama made sure the election rules were followed and knocked out a couple of incompetent candidates and one last minute mind-changer who'd just been trounced in another election. The bar for those candidates was very low yet they still couldn't get over it. Obama played by the rules and deprived no one of their vote so in my opinion it was a job well done.


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