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    Studies show that drilling in the ANWR would only decrease the cost of a barrel of oil by 75 cents.  That wouldn't make much of a difference in the price of gas.  Obama is making the right stand by staying firm on this issue.  Just like he had the right stand on the gas tax holiday.

  • If asked, of course the public will say that HRC should be the VP, because she has the highest name recognition.  This doesn't mean it would be prudent from an electoral or governing standpoint. Public opinion is ill-informed, and should not be used as a basis for critical decisions such as this one.

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    The Clinton campaign knew (or should have) known the rules of the process beforehand.  They got out organized and got their butts kicked in the caucus states, that's their own fault.  No use crying over spilt milk now.  I'm all for getting rid of caucuses, but given how bad the Clinton campaign was in spite of all of its institutional advantages, I wouldn't want her running the country.

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    Does anyone really think that picking Hillary for the Veep spot would really work from a governing standpoint if Obama wins?  No President wants a Veep who could potentially overshadow him, especially not one married to an ex-President.  Obama and Hillary in the same room is crowded enough, put Bill in the picture and it's packed.  Sorry, Bill's not going to be able to circumvent the 22nd Ammendment this way either.

  • Suggesting that Biden should be ousted in a primary is a ridiculous idea.  Deleware's a small and still politically competitive state with a thin bench of potential statewide candidates.  In spite of his faults, Biden's a reliable Democratic vote in the Senate.  If he gets knocked out in a primary, a moderate Republican like Rep. Mike Castle could win the seat and potentially the Senate back for the GOP.  How would that advance the cause?  Biden shouldn't be the nominee in 2008, but he shouldn't be punished by denying him his safe Senate seat.

  • Who's Rassmussen? Please inform.

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    If Democrats want to hold on to this seat, it would behove them to nominate Cardin, who is well-liked by his constituents. Mfume would drive a lot of white suburbanites to vote foe Steele, who many find impressive on the stump.  Cardin would be a sure winner, why risk a seat in a predominantly Democratic state?

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    So maybe the guy likes a little fun.  What's wrong with that?  What's wrong with wrestling or beer pong? Not my cup of tea, but I understand the appeal.  Even if you're in your fifties, it's god to maintain a young attitude.  I sense some antagonism by the poster towards prep  school/fraternity antics, having gone to prep school, I can understand the nostalgia older men have for youthful antics.  I don't understand what some people have against them.  Lighten up.

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    This is far from a done deal.  It still needs to go to the Judiciary Committee, where Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner (Ugh) is opposed.  Also, a leadership aide to Boehner pooh-poooed the idea.  It's too bad, Davis is pretty good on Distict issues because it makes him look good to his swing-district Fairfax VA constituents.  I just can't see Republicans from districts outside the Beltway supporting the bill because their constituents don't care about or even consider DC voting rights.

  • The great irony of these ads is that USTA, itself is made up of the local phone companies, big and  small, that used to make up the old Bell monopoly. Now that that monopoly has  eroded mainly due to wireless and IP telephony, they are going after the cable companies.  Since there's very little money left in landline phone service, the old RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies)are trying to break into broadband, in spite of their inferior technology.  This is the last gasp of a declining industry that is still propped by by taxpayer subsidies through all of those universal service fees on your phone bill.
    I'm not defending the cable companies, which are just as detestable as the local phone companies, but it's good to be mindful where USTA's membership is coming from.
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    The same reason Mcain would do so well among independents and centrist democrats are the same reasons the right-wing of the GOP hates him.  He comes off as being his own man.  I would even consider voting for him or Guliani if it meant having a more moderate GOP,and to prove that moderate Republicans can win.  Other than Mark Warner, there's not a whole lot of Democats I can get fired up about.  All the others are sure losers, unless the GOP throws up some wingnut.
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    If Allen gets the GOP nod in 2009 as some commentators  think, even Mark Warner might not win Virginia vrs him.  There are a lot of "national security" GOP voters in Virgina with all the military bases who might vote Democratic for statewide office but not for President.  Long-term this may change though.
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    When I was growing up in Massachusetts, people moved to New Hampshire to get away from "Taxachusetts" taxes and liberal policies.  Now a lot of people move there to buy cheaper real estate or because there jobs are in booming Southern New Hampshire.  I think a lot of these newcomers are more moderate than their predecessors 25 years ago, and it's making the state more purple, especially in the Southern areas around Manchester and by the Seacoast.  I eventually see New Hampshire becoming more like its neighbors politically, although it will always have that "Live Free or Die" libertarian strain, which increasingly isn't so well-represented by the GOP.
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    Washington Post reporting Kaine 53-Kilgore 46 with 7% in at 7:50pm.  Looking good.
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    If we're going to get a justice who votes the wrong way, I'd rather have a judge who is a conservative heavyweight than a Bush crony.  At least I would respect the legal reasoning more from the likes of a Scalia (say Michael McConnell) than from a partisan hack like Meiers, who would vote the way Bish wants but with shaky reasoning.  Better to let the Meiers nomination go up in flames and reap the benefits of the fallout to the administration from the nomination's failure, and gear up for the next fight.
    I think Specter is the key.  If he signals the nomination is doomed, it's done.  It's in his hands.


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