• Yeah, I thought that was a fairly effective (if somewhat juvenile) ad by Sullivan last time...

    Problem was, it opened the door (if it wasn't already opened) for Simmons to shoot back some REALLY juvenile ads that literally turned Sullivan into a fat Irish cartoon. That sucked.

    This time, though, we have Joe Courtney taking on Simmons (who ran in 2002 and who the DCCC screwed royally)...i ran into him a few days ago at the CT JJB fundraiser and it just confirmed that he is a GREAT guy who the GOP won't be able to lampoon and who WILL be the next Congressman from the 2nd district, if we all work like dogs.

    And Simmons is a creepy ex-CIA spook, anyhow.

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    Jerome, I'm not altogether convinced--based on a very intelligent summary I read in the last chain on the subject--that the Lib Dems have an identifiable niche to fill in the UK party system. Do they?

    For all the benefits of proportional rep, the rise of TV-and-personality-based campaigning (largely due to US cross-pollination) seems to have created a 'pro-Blair' and 'anti-Blair' vote instead of votes on clear substantive differences.

    The Labourites' Clintonesque shift to 'New Labour' also muddied the ground where the Lib Dems may have rightfully stood: the moderate, internationalist center. Are there real distinctions anymore (putting Iraq aside, which most of Blair's party doesn't really support anyway)?

    As I said before, I spent a year in Scotland, grew to like Kennedy quite a bit, but never really figured out what drives his party.

    (As a PS, I'll also admit Blair won me over a long time ago...he triangulated his party to great success like Clinton, but unlike Clinton, had no zipper problem and had to defend his triangulations every week in front of a critical and boisterous House of Commons... he may be a little slick, but WHOA the man has skills.)

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    Who do we Dems have in VT that we could cultivate?

    I love Bernie Sanders--he always struck me as Wellstone-esque in rhetoric and Traficant-esque in quirky appeal. But a Socialist Senator?


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    Respectfully: Poppycock.

    If we concede that the only 'strong moral position' on the subject of abortion and gay rights is their position, we lose.

    Let me repeat for emphasis: If we concede that the only 'strong moral position' on the subject of abortion and gay rights is their position, WE LOSE.

    We Democrats need to say at the top of our lungs,

    "The institution of marriage is fundamental! In a time of moral uncertainty, we MUST strengthen it, and do so by giving all loving, committed couples an equal chance to honor it in their lives! All couples!

    Responsibility comes from education, not restriction. When we do the job of educating ALL our children about the REALITIES of sex, and not just the myths, we can reduce the phenomenon of abortion to utter insignificance, and our country will be a better place. Education, not criminalization, is the answer.

    America is about empowerment, freedom, and equality! All of us, created equal, One nation under God!"

    And see how weak the Democrats sound then.

  • Thanks for both of those posts!

    Based on how you describe the history and general platform, the Lib Dems seem very reasonable and appealing to an American progressive like myself.

    But it seems, then, that they are in a bit of an ideological muddle since the rightward lurch of 'New' Labour?

    One nice thing about a two-party system, if all else fails, we can point at the other guys and say, "We're not THAT."

    Thanks again...

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    After spending a year abroad in Scotland, reading the Guardian pretty much every day, I still can't figure out the LibDem phenomenon.

    Ideologically, people tell me they're the 'centrist' party (as opposed to New Labour, who are about two full generations away from socialism these days?), and their main demographic (besides antiwar movement folk) seems to be people who don't 'trust' Blair but wouldn't be dead voting conservative.

    Ask the Democratic Party in 2004 how we did building a campaign built on the distrust of a national leader who ended up outpoliticking everyone anyway...

    So who are the Liberal Democrats?

  • I had the chance to see him up close for a summer as a Page in the House...not impressive.

    Sad to say, but whatever spark there is in his generation of the Kennedy line, it missed Patrick (and his cousin KKT). Total "deer in the headlights" syndrome, both of them. At least former Rep. Joe Kennedy had charm.

    Now RFK, Jr., HE's the one to watch... he fights for causes, not just soundbites.

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    So who's going to DC for the big show?

    Remembering what were awarded to heroes following a major victory over tyrants in the Roman Republic, I'm calling this week's festivities:

    "The Triumph of the Deanies"

    Where heartbreak is redeemed and the hard work really begins (but not after some celebration)... so who's going???

  • The project is awesome and I'd love to help get something going in CT.

    Here's the issue...while I can definitely picture the usefulness of a fully-utilized blog, two other non-techie questions follow:

    1) Is there a good 'how-to' FAQ for how to get a blog 'jumpstarted', i.e. get people to use it--and not just any people, but people who are locally influential and plugged-in?


    2) Don't we need to join this project with a 'Join Your Town Committee' drive to spur the integration between the blog/DFA/grassroots advocacy communities and all the many facets of the Party?

    Please advise...

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    The use of 'donor tags' ($20.06, etc.) was something I saw pop up during the primaries (we used it in Generation Dean for a youth fund drive), and it's great!--(but i can't take credit for the idea)...

    How do we get Jerome to front-page the two ideas (a 'Join-your-local-committee Drive' and a 'New-Donor-Fund Drive') and what's the next step?

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    Cynicism : it's the new black.
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    It's better than very good. It's brilliant.

    Can we brand it? A blog-wide 'Join your local committee' drive? (we could keep a running count on all big blogs and include anyone who joined one since DFA '03)

    Or a blog-wide 'First-time Contribution' Drive (maybe we could get everyone to donate $20.06 or some amount ending in .06...someone else's good idea)...

    Let's build this excellent idea!!

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    Make sure to pack the steamer trunks with the putting strip inside...and a bit of Meg Ryan wouldn't hurt either.
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    (btw...just tried to email you about the CDA thing at the address listed and it bounced back...i'll post on the first thread in your blog....thanks!)
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    Would that be the orange hat from the 'Gathering Storm, the one from the 'Rising Storm,' or the one from the 'Perf..oh, Shit..Storm'?

    (PS. The Iowa staffer who migrated to our office in Keene, NH after the caucus patently REFUSED to take the hat off, night or day...it was adorable.)


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