• And there you see the pattern.

    Spend enough time here and that kind of crap gets transparent.

    Kosnomore has not made a single non selfserving positive statement since maybe the second night I saw her post on this board.

    She even said she wanted to change her name, as basing your identity on hating another site was pretty lame, which she agreed to.

    Well thats whats nice about this site, as soon as she sees this repetive sex baiting goes nowhere and cheapens our historic primary race she will make a new name.

    Funny too, how Kos is so evil when their traffic keeps going up and this site and others completely tanked.

  • Jerome, please respond to this.

    I can see the chorus building up.

    You know Hillary is going to condemn these groups, especially "PUMA" who truely humiliated HRC's entire candidacy and career.

    You got to give it to Neil Cavuto, he did his job for the FIRST time in his life.
    I bet these clowns thought they were in a "safe" zone.

  • Doesn't make sense, her being fired opened up Mark Penn to the history books as not only the worst campaign manager in recent history, but also the name that everyone will link with everything egregious about her campaign.

    I would like to know who at HRC-HQ thought it was a good idea for one second to have Penn show his face or words anywhere.
    I scratch my head with fury.

  • Wasn't Doyle blamed for Iowa and overspending by the HRC campaign?

    I smell Snark.

  • Don't take her to seriously, there seems to be an insane repetitive post mortum whining over stuff that has nothing to do with the GE as it "may" have happened in the now over primary election.

  • I wont rec until I understand how this helps Clinton one iota?

    Unless this is snark?

  • comment on a post Fmr. Clinton Campaign Manager Working for Obama over 6 years ago

    Wouldnt this appointment make Hillary as VP absolutely IMPOSSIBLE?!?!

    I thought Doyl soured to the clintons after what happened.

    Anybody else feeling me on this?

  • I don't understand Kosnomore's obsession with everything possibly negative from the past.

    At what point does it get so old that you will stop bringing up stuff that was maybe relevant in March?

  • I agree Nikid,  his pledge to vote for Obama was earth shattering.

    I would think Malaysia is off topic since 99.99999 of Americans will never travel there, and was well covered in his other diary.

  • comment on a post Lieberman for VP over 6 years ago

    but I will be praying for this to happen.

    Poor Harry Reid, he is afraid of big bad joe, too afraid to strip him of his unearned committee spots.

    Maybe, just maybe Harry will use his last vertebrae left and kick him out.

    God I can't wait till we are rid of Harry Reid.

  • Thanks for the stats, Funny how Kos and that other one went up in readership.

  • I don't remember whining as much when Kerry won and Dean lost.

    Democrats are in the strongest position of my lifetime.
    When I watch the 2000 and 2004 clips on TV, I realize that we were barely doing anything.

    The campaign is vibrant, and regardless of what Jerome says, Obama is going to CRUSH John McCain.

    People need to get to know Obama?  Ha, wait till they get to know the great pander bear of American politics John McCain.

    I wonder what people will whine about this Nov 6 when we have total control of the government?

    Please put this into perspective.
    Last Week America DID NOT have the right to Habeas Corpus.
    And what happened, a BIPARTISAN court came in and threw down Bush's attempt at rewriting the Magna Carta.

  • comment on a post "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" over 6 years ago

    Can you please make it clear you have no associations with NoQuarter and their thugs and America haters are not welcome here.

    If you supported Hillary during the primary and now after, how can you let these people drag her whole career and reputation into the mud.

    Obama and the DNC have put Larry Johnson in the same hopper as Floyd Brown.
    http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/f ightthesmearshome/
    [Look at the FIRST entry]

    Noquarter along with a few others are now actively campaigning to bring down the Democratic party.
    They have stated they want to smear any down ticket race that is even related to Obama.

    Jerome please take a stand.

    If Floyd Brown is not welcome here, I don't see how the Larry Johnson's hit squad are allowed.

    I am not saying for you to ban members but at least say you are not associated with him or his like.  Many times this site is accused of being a friendly despot for members of his site and the other 2 mirror sites.
    I hope and believe that is not the case.

    [Also I am pretty sure that the NoQuarter and Hillaryis44 was brought to the attention of the Secret Service for violent threats against the lives of Obama and his wife made last Friday]

  • on a comment on Clinton more powerful than ever. over 6 years ago

    TR for Grissom:

    Grissom you are obviously an in-experienced McCain troll, and this is coming from a 50x accused Obama troll.

    Dude, buy a book or something, you would be an idiot to assume there would be any obama supporters willing to shake you GWB-prepschool-pom poms.

  • Your not making sense,

    who is "us".

    All I said is you are posting random talking points that are months old and have nothing to do with any conversation going on.

    Some would call that spamming.


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