• Again, nonsense.  The chart does not say that Obama proposes a change from the default (non-taxable health care).  

    Your inference reflects your bias.

  • I know you are eager to believe Obama either doesn't care about working people or that he doesn't get it, but your rundown of this issue is just unfair.

    Obama has never suggested amending the tax code to treat health care as taxable income.

    Personally, I wish he would. I wish his silence was a recognition that McCain is actually right on this issue.

    The outcome of taxing health care would not be that employers eliminate health care (although, frankly, you shouldn't be afraid of de-tethering employment from health care-- marrying the two was never a progressive idea, it was always a Republican idea).  

    Taxing health care would discourage wealthier individuals from overusing health care resources, lessening demand, and, therefore, lower the price of care.  


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    Yep, government investment in emerging technology rarely works.  Silly, Barky.


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    Because piefighterry amongst good people makes the baby J cry.
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    What if it rains?

  • Making religious organizations subject to taxation violates the First Amendment (i.e. "the power to tax is the power to destroy.")

    I can understand the ambivalence about public dollars going to religious organizations, but I personally think that faith based initiative opponents should ask themselves: "Why does our government fail so badly in providing similar services?"

  • Would a single payer system make sense for American business insofar as it lessens the benefit burden?  Absolutely.  It would also increase wages as companies redirect compensation dollars towards salary/ wages.  To that extent, you're absolutely right.

    That said, why do you continue to ignore the real political opposition to a nationalized health care system?  It isn't just the insurance industry and Big Pharma that opposes single payer.  Plenty of regular folk fear government management of their health care choices.

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    Time to update Jerome's map!

  • Linky?

  • The real issue is that private organizations are able to set their own rules.

    The DNC's rules aren't legally binding-- they're binding because the DNC says so.

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    I'm not sure the fact that Senator Obama was smacked in Ohio PRIOR to the Wright matter becoming a prominent issue necessarily bodes well for Obama.

    As I wrote previously, I agree with you that the polling suggests  the Wright flap had minimal impact. My less imperical experience suggests otherwise.  I worked the polls for Senator Obama in NW Ohio and heard the conversations between voters as thye waited in line. I live here. I wear my Obama shirt regularly to see what types of responses he elicits (its typically just a bit hostile).  And Rev. Wright comes up a lot.  He's shorthand for "radical."  So does Michele Obama.  She's shorthand for worse.

    Senator Obama will do very well in the urban centers-- and Ohio is a bit different in that it has three lower first/ higher second tier cities (Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati).  His challenge will be to present an authentic case to Catholic suburbanites, Evangelical exurbanites, and rural folk.  

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    Unfortunately, I think BPK is about right here.

    Speaking as an Ohioan that comes from a large extended family of immigrants/ first generation, union member, church every Sunday folk (read: Reagan Democrats), I think Senator Obama has significant problems in Ohio.

    We continue to discount how important the Wright scandal really is.  While recognizing that the polling suggests minimal impact, Wright creates some second order issues.

    For example, count me as a Democrat of faith who loved this:

    Figuring their joint appearance at an Orange County evangelical church finally put the shoe on the other foot, Brownback turned to Obama and said, "Welcome to my house." The audience of evangelicals howled with laughter. But when Obama had the chance to speak a few minutes later, he returned to what Brownback had said: "There is one thing I've got to say, Sam: This is my house, too. This is God's house."

    It was great to see a Democrat who could speak comfortably and authentically about faith issues.  Rev. Wright sorta wrecked that.  It would have gone a long way towards winning Ohio.

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    And then breathe out.

    The context of her statement makes pretty clear that she was pointing out that RFK was shot during a still-contested race in June.

    Clumsy? Yes.  But absent of ill intent.

    Please, we have an election.  Can we not eat our own?

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    I'm ambivalent about "solving" this problem.

    But can you address the videos above?

    Is your position that she was once wrong, but is now on the right side of the matter...and that's all that matters?

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    RP, you do realize that statements like the above are a bannable offense, right?


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