• That's a ridiculous comment.  All stikes hurt people.  That's the entire point. If a strike did not hurt someone, then the use of a strike as a bargining tactic would be nil.  What you're basically saying is that you support the right to strike as long as people don't strike.

    Look, there is no way for the TWU to bring the MTA to the table.  The MTA doesn't have to give them a contract.  The MTA doesn't have to do dick.  They can sit back, play games with the union, and try to force them into accepting an offer that is going to break the union.  And if the union doesn't strike, that is exactly what is going to happen.  The union will break.

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    chasing amy, I think.  
  • i'd love it is we could flip him.  I liked his dad a lot, the last good governer that NJ has had, and the son seems to be cut from the same cloth.  Kean as a Dem. would be a slamdunk for the party.
  • I consider The Agonist to be my liberal equivilent to Drudge.  I've been reading them since the start of the Iraq War and I've only grown more and more impressed with their coverage.
  • There were quite a few rumors circling around NJ at the time that when Codey decided not to run for re-election as governer that he did so upon promise of a senate seat.  Whether or not they were accurate remains to be seen.  It is the sort of deal that I can see being brokered.
    It would be an interesting setup.  With Codey in the Senate for a while, Corzine would be free to use the governership as a springboard towards something greater (I'm pretty sure the idea of a white house run has entered his mind).  And then Codey can return after Corzine moves on and take back the governership, basically following in Corzine's footsteps.
    All speculation at this point, of course.
  • even if Kerry had won, it would still be the Republican clown show in both houses.  There would be plenty to keep the Dems riled up.

    I think this view underestimates the power of community, especially for Democrats.  The Democratic party is, in many ways, about communication, which both helps and hurts the party.  The ability of kos and its children sites to foster community is pretty important.  Look at tmpcafe.com.  In just a few weeks its traffic now matches that of talkingpointsmemo.com.  You offer a community and Democrats will show up.  I think this would have continued to fuel the growth of places like kos even if Kerry have won.  Maybe not quite as much as current exists, but nowhere near like the slump the right wing is having now.

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    Remember that the entire McSleezy thing was going down in 2004.  Statewide perception of Democrats as corrupt was probably at an all time high.  And Bush still lost signifigantly and by quite a bit more than the polls suggested.  The only way that NJ swings more to the right is if the Dems don't kill the whole corruption thing.
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    As a registered NJ voter and someone who's been watching politics there since I was a kid, I don't think there is a chance Forrester wins this election.  For a Republican to win the governership in NJ, either a large number of Dems have to dislike the candidate or the Repub has to appear moderate enough to strip away right-leaning Dems.  Corzine is well liked (especially since he is seen as being less corrupt than most of the NJ Dem party) and Forrester is seen as something of a nut.  So unless some drastic happens, the NJ governer race if Corzine's to lose.

    Now the upcoming Senate seat is a lot more scary.  Especially if Whitman runs.  Can't begin to say how much I hate that woman, but she has a decent amount of moderate support in the state and very high name recognition.  Plus, she's been very good with the 'take back the Republican party' talking points, which will play well in the more liberal Jersey.

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    that would be remarkable and a real defeat for Bush and the religous right-wing.
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    Am I correct in thinking that this bill is open to being fillibustered?  If it is, then there is no way it ever passes the Senate.  Kinda ironic isn't it?
  • I was definitely dissatified with Don't Think of an Elephant when I first read it.  Since then, I've picked up Moral Politics and a majority of my problems went away.  Elephant is the distilation of a large amount of research that Lakoff has done and I think it suffers dramatically without prior knowledge of the research.

    Of course, that could just be my liberalness coming out in my dislike for simple answers and being told things without explanation.  :-)  

    If you feel like a majority of what Lakoff talks about in Elephant is not substantiated well enough, pick up a copy of Moral Politics.



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