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    Way to go Claire!!

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    So a bad thing about this victory, I think, is that now the netroots will still be sending all of that money to Lamont instead of focusing it where it NEEDS to go, like to Claire McCaskill or Jon Tester or Sherrod Brown or Ted Strickland. Someone please prove me wrong, because otherwise I am very worried that the netroots will continue to virtually ignore races like MO-SEN and consequently will not send $ b/c of this obsession with Lamont.

  • What a great interview. I wish people would start paying more attention to this race, which should be getting at least as much press, if not more, as the Lamont-Lieberman and Casey-Santorum races.  As a WashU student, getting Claire elected is a top priority.

  • Ike Skelton is not only a great guy, but has been a good congressman to his very red district, which will probably elect a Republican once he is gone, and is extremely capable in military matters.  Conservative or not, he is a Democrat, and one who truly understands what is needed to protect the country.

    In a related matter, Dennis Moore would move up to Vice-Chair of Budget, wouldn't he? That would be fantastic.

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    Personally, I'd love to see Phil Bredesen, the governor of Tennessee, run in 2008.  He's got a great bio and credentials (grew up in rural Northeast, B.A. in Physics from Harvard, self-made fortune, etc. etc.), and abnormally high numbers for a Dem in TN.


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