Al Gore, Spin, and Hillary Clinton

Yesterday I responded to Chris' entry regarding a potential Al Gore candidacy for president in 2008. In his rant, Bowers made the flimsy case that Gore is supposedly too unpopular, too lackluster a candidate to win the White House. Significantly, he based his entire piece on data that is more than three years old, roughly equivalent to a century when converted to media cycles.

We now see that the lines have been drawn--not by the grassroots but by those who inform them, and it is apparent that 2008 will indeed be Hillary Clinton vs Someone Else. But I believe, as a Democrat, that this potential civil war is entirely beside the point. My fervent advocation of an Al Gore presidency has nothing to do with stopping Hillary Clinton, as Bowers and Kos have pitifully attempted to illustrate. No, I have an entirely and siginficantly more important reason for endorsing Gore.

For me, this ain't about Hillary. This is about America.

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Gallup Debunked: AP Shows Poor Bush Ratings

From good ole Faux News itself (ignore the "Slightly" in the title). Bush now has a disapproval rating of 51%:

"The number who think the country is headed down the wrong track increased from 51 percent to 58 percent in the past month."

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Defend Dean

Just do it--Chris

Update: Bumped up in light of most recent post--Chris

The Republicans are preparing for a massive personal attack against Howard Dean after he becomes chairman of the Democratic National Committee. This is obviously an attempt to discredit the Democratic party as being "out of touch," which we all know is ridiculous bullshit.

While Howard prepares for this onslaught, we must help him by writing letters to local newspapers.

Get the good word out about Dean as soon as you can.

I apologize for the link-whoring and brevity of this post, but I feel that is important to spread the word considering what the Republican Noise Machine has done to Democrats before.


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