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    Except that it will never become an issue. Your super-fixation with Obama has simply caused you to become delusional.

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    Leaving already? Wuss.

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    Actually, it's going away already. Along with John McCain.

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    There's nothing disturbing about this. The best you can do is claim Obama is "destroying the Constitution" because he might, just maybe, possibly might not be a "natural-born" citizen, even his mother was American? The best you can do is scare me with goofy Arabian background music while mentioning that Obama might, just maybe, possibly be a Muslim? And even if he were, that's supposed to stop me from voting for him?

    Pathetic. I watched the video, and instantly realized it was xenophobic bullshit. You claim to be open-minded, but if that were true, you'd have long ago considered the other side's far stronger arguments to the contrary and realized you were full of shit.

  • Is it just me, or are those Gallup polls questionably volatile? One day it's Obama +5, the next it's tied, the next it's McCain +3, the next it's Obama +15. I'm exaggerating, but I can't believe anyone takes gallup very seriously.

  • Won't work. If your average American doesn't know what the Bush Doctrine is, which they don't, they won't care if she doesn't either.

    After all, being ignorant makes her more "like us." People can relate to that, 'member? Having beers and throwing cookouts and ridiculing knowledge is the American way.

  • God, just shut up. You're barely a child. The rest of us are sick of hearing about you whine on and on about the primaries, throwing these incessant adult temper tantrums about how "abused" Hiwwary was and how unfair it is that she wost. Well guess what--that's politics. The primaries ended six months ago. Grow up and get the fuck over it.

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    It's incredible. Does anyone in this country have the ability to think critically? Seriously. All you have to do is stand up on a podium and lie through your teeth. No one, especially not the average citizen, will bother to check up on you. They accept everything you say as truth.

    Unless you're a "wiberal." If we lose this election, I am giving up on Americans. Call me what you will, but it's clear that most of us have forgotten what the words freedom and liberty mean if we are supporting a Republican party that, to any skeptical mind, is openly contemptuous of both.

    Perhaps in the future, we'll learn that only the segments of society who prove they can think critically deserve the right to vote. Regardless of their political beliefs. I believe Carl Sagan suggested the idea that scientist-philosophers should govern a nation. At this point, I think that'd grant us far more liberty than a democracy full of terrified idiots.

  • Where you're wrong is that it's just a bounce. There's a good chance that the dynamics of the election haven't changed and things will return back to "normal" in a few weeks.

    It all depends on the nature of the campaign in the last few weeks.

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    This person is their selection for the vice presidency of the United States. We don't just have an obligation to hear her out, we have a right to. What they're saying is this: our image is more important to us than our substance.

    Then again, when it comes to Republican politics, I guess you couldn't be more precise.

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    No, I completely disagree. In giving McCain a free pass on virtually all of his flip-flops, all of his gaffes, the media has shown whose side they're truly on in this election. The last few days have been the best for us in the media since I can remember. Certainly the best in the last eight years.

    We don't want the media to turn on Obama. That is an advantage for McCain that we can't afford.

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    Much of that is true, but Jerome does have a point. It concerns me that so many Americans feel the media has been biased in favor of McCain, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    If the networks are getting similar data in their marketing research, we could have a real problem the last few months of the election. Imagine a media even less willing to criticize McCain than it was earlier this summer.

    That could spell big problems for the Obama campaign.

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    I ready your post, but I've never heard of that big a swing in Party ID over the course of one week. That's usually something that takes months or even longer to develop.

    I have a very, very hard time believing that Palin's pick alone swung that many independents over to the Republican side. It does not make sense. There hasn't even been enough time for her speech, no matter how effective, to sink in.

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    A town hall setting for a pre-written speech? This ought to tell the average person how full of shit McPander is.

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    I can't believe his campaign didn't plan that out. I'm pretty sure the NFL releases this stuff a few years in advance.

    In any case, I know what I'll be watching. (hint: it's not McSame!)


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