• Clinton holds dear.  Well, it may not be guns or religion, but you seem to be clinging to something out of bitterness.

  • almost as bad as Big Bad John Cornyn.  I know, not that that ever stopped Republicans before.

    But still, you can say for Palin that she is hugely popular in AK and that she has reformer cred.

    Hutchinson would be vulnerable to politics-as-usual Washington-insider lines of attack, while Palin is not.  Also, she may have experienced McCain's temper first hand.  I'm wondering if it's a coincidence none of McCain's short-listers were his fellow Senators, other than his clueless soulless douchebag BFF Lieberman.

  • '77 here.

  • The "kiddo" thing as response to "condescend".  Nice touch.

    Well, right back at ya gramps.

  • He shouldn't be forced to take it.  I thought both the diarist and skex made well-reasoned points.  Why is it so important that we all get along?

  • Although as the race stood, even after Wisconsin, dropping out would have been a lot to ask of any candidate in Clinton's position.

    She could have done what Edwards did in '04 pre-super-Tuesday though, and offer only the mildest of criticisms of Kerry, coupled with a relentless positive message that reinforces the Democratic platform.  I think she and especially her advisors were too caught up in the "in it to win it" line of thinking.

    Anyhoo, you laid out this Obama supporter's perspective on the primary pretty well.

  • Must...justify....petty feelings of vengeance!  Ooh!  A straw!

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    I really hope Franken can make up the ground he lost, but I'll wait for a couple of SUSA or Ras polls before getting my hopes up.

    Another six years of Norm The Tool Coleman representing MN of all places is nearly as bad as having Satorum represent PA.

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    Don't worry, given that you're clearly no older than twelve, it's a pretty good bet you will see a woman in the White House during your lifetime.

    Oh, and don't forget to cash in on the Apocalypse!  You can more than double your allowance buying McCain contracts on Intrade.

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    You're still here, aren't you?  I don't even care enough to trollrate your post.

    Poor little victim of the Democratic primaries.  You sound, I dunno, bitter about something.  Do you feel down periodically?  Don't know why, after all, you're able to predict the majority opinion of 120 million people 3 months in advance.  Wall Street beckons!  Why waste your time here with all these bloggers trying to run you out of town on a rail?

    I know, maybe you can coordninate with the other PUMAs (I can use boldface too!) with all those kegs you plan to buy, and book a big Washinton downtown hotel for an I told you so party.  Won't even matter who actually wins, you can always invent another reality.

    Oh, and you might have a few kegs left over.

  • I believed that I mentioned that in above posts.  And that I also mentioned the vote itself wouldn't have been a deal-breaker for me. I never called the vote treason.  I'm sure she regrets the vote and wishes she'd been more diligent.  That she can't damn the consequences and simply apologize for it goes to the heart of why I don't like Clinton as a candidate.

    I find her waaayy too calculating.  I find that she talks down to voters too much ("young people who think they are immortal", "women's rights are human rights", etc.).  Despite her being portrayed as a strong, decisive leader, I find her unsure of herself and unable to act forcefully on her principles (which showed in her campaign).  She has too many mental filters which prevent her from speaking from the heart.  In short, I find her to be a smart, capable and fundamentally decent person, but a poor politician.

    I don't care about her anatomy or her wardrobe.  I'm disgusted by those nutcracker trinkets, but revulsion at her worst detractors doesn't make me any more inclined to support her.

  • makes her worse on the issue than Kerry or Edwards.  To be fair, I don't know if Biden has, and if not shame on him.

    And of course it's not the only issue.  I for one could have overlooked the AUMF vote (less so the NIE neglect), as I did when supporting Kerry last time.  But there are plenty of other reasons to support a candidate other than Clinton, even if they voted for the war.

    The woman thing is a red herring for me; Obama can't be seen as either pandering to or discriminating against a woman veep candidate.  Kerry and Biden both have substatial foreign policy experience.  Obama also kind of owes Kerry for giving him his springboard in '04 and endorsing him early.  Biden got in the best zinger of the primary season, and despite his blabbermouth reputation hasn't tarnished himself recently by bashing other Democrats.

  • If you're arguing with someone and they throw a tomato at you, people stop caring about the arguments.  The only thing you is bean them right back with a hot pastrami sandwich.

    Sucks, yeah, but sensationalism trumps dry issue discussion every time.  Obama likes to rail against distractions because he knows they're the only thing that can prevent him from winning.

  • Accurate attack ads, which Democrats have a tendency to prefer, aren't as newsworthy.  They don't stir up passions like unfair accusations do.  So McCain got nailed for being rich and out-of-touch.  Yawn.

    Below-the-belt, scurrilous or mendacious stuff (like Clinton's 3a.m. ad, the Paris Hilton ad or the Swiftboaters) on the other hand, are something cable news programs can really dig into.  The fact-checkers, pollsters and media psychologists all get to weigh in.  Then they all hypocritically lament the decline in political civility and move on to the next bullshit salvo.

    Which makes me think Obama could run an ad about McCain's involvement in the infamous Arizona Chainsaw Massacre of 1984 (and maybe morph McCain into Leatherface while he's at it).  You want free media?  I'll get you free media!  There's got to be a clip of McCain losing his temper somewhere that can lend some credibility to it.

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    Gaah, your culture of victimhood knows no bounds.  No Hillary Clinton supporter was ever banned or even asked to leave (by non-trolls) from MyDD or dailyKos simply for being pro-Clinton.

    I'd wait until the election post-mortem before posting your um, counterintuitive arguments about Obama being uninspiring.  Do you have a plan for pretending you never wrote these posts in the (still) likely event Obama wins?


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