• and a great essay in wishful thinking.  The Ras numbers mean exactly this if they're accurate: the electorate prefers Obama over Hillary in the general RIGHT NOW.  It doesn't mean Hillary can't make up or surpass the difference.

    General match-ups are not the most relevant of polls, but they do provide some insight as to the status of the race.

    Oh, and continuing to emphasize gender solidarity as a way to support Hillary may not have the effect you're hoping for, despite women making up the majority of the electorate.

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    a strong plurality favored Edwards until he dropped out.  Clinton never topped 11%.

    I did notice the Hillary supporters had very high UIDs and made all the rookie blogger mistakes.

    "She's the only one who can win!" (After one poll showing her up by one and Obama down by one v. Giuliani)

    "She's not taking anything for granted, and she'll hit the ground running!" (soon it will be "it isn't over 'til it's over!" and "it's premature for an Obama coronation")

    And then there's the tortuous interpretation of fundrasing totals and DNC bylaws.

  • will be willing to transfer those funds to the democratic nominee, who right now is favored to be Obama.

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    Clinton's huge lead has evaporated in recent weeks.  The nomination was hers to lose all last year, and she's coming close to losing it.

    Not the most impressive performance.

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    you want them to be seated because Hillary won more delegates.

    Hillary, I last saw, is ahead by about 50,000 votes out of close to eight million cast in all primaries.  Bush v. Gore had a larger relative margin.  "Clearly winning the popular vote"?  Whatever.

    "Democracy--remember? It's how our gov works."

    Great platitude.  Maybe you should add "it isn't over 'til it's over".

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    Were you trying to see how many platitudes, innaccuracies, wishful thoughts and "observations I've just pulled out of my rear end" into one post?

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    Give up now. You've lost this spar, badly.

    Even if Obama's message of hope meant never questioning Clinton's records, and even if the poster were somehow beholden to Obama's campaign theme, you would still be wrong.  You sound like Jeff Gannon talking about Democrats.  "Alternate Universe" indeed.

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    Actually, I'd nominate John Edwards.  Not my fav. for prez, and I think he could do a lot more if he were back in the Senate.

    I almost think it would be better for us if Liddy "incompetent" Dole doesn't retire.  NC isn't the easiest state to make a pickup.

  • he's a Spitzer-type populist with a great record on attacking governement waste and corruption.  Sure he's pro-life, but I doubt he'd buck leadership to support a judge who'd overturn Roe.
    Having high name recognition isn't exactly a bad thing, either.

    This is not some wild-card race like OH-02 where we have nothing to lose and can throw caution to the wind.  We are trying to take down Rick Santorum here.  Ideology aside, Casey is a better candidate from almost any angle and might actually make a better Senator than Pennachio.


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