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    a state-wide Senate race in Florida. I'd love to be proved wrong.

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    Astute analysis. They were so good at campaigning, it's hard to fathom how they could not know this.

    Another thing, Axelrod's bafflement at the dug-in opposition by GOP, even to Obama's attempted compromise position...is just plain weird. How could they not realize how bat-sh** crazy the GOP is?

    I don't get their continued rhetoric of compromise and centrism. What do they imagine they are going to achieve that way?

    And that points up another problem they are creating for themselves as they continue to talk "centrism" and make compromise after compromise with themselves--they are losing the respect of people who may not have expected them to win all, or even some, battles. But we expected them to fight them. Instead they ride in waving the white flag before a single shot has been fired.

    It is clear the only compromise the GOP will accept is for Obama-Biden to abdicate and hand over the reins to the GOP crazy du jour.

    And sometimes I feel even that wouldn't be enough.

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    That's the position the Democratic leadership and Obama are presenting to the progressives.

    At this point, I'm not even sure what's in the bill that's worth backing. I guess it's good to have subsidies and to end insurers ability to deny pre-existing conditions.

    I'm very concerned about the ability to charge older Americans 3 times what younger ones are charged. Many over-40s won't be able to afford coverage.

    It hits the lower and middle middle class very hard.

    The bill really sucks. But is it better than nothing at all? Ah, me, that is the question.

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    After the history of US backing dictatorships and unsavory coups in Latin America, I'd like to see Obama administration leave this one alone.

    The US cannot be the cop worldwide.

    Especially with the current endless war, so it seems, in Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iraq.

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    I'm reading Paul Kennedy's Rise and Fall of Great Powers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rise_an d_Fall_of_the_Great_Powers
    The comparisons with great powers of the past in descent is striking. Economic base and economic strength and energy of population is an important factor in this rise and fall.

    Still an important work, though published in 1987 before fall of USSR.

  • in skilled trades would be useful. There are some, but there are very high barriers to getting them. Opening that sort of thing up to high school students would be great. Also making a clear ladder to education in skilled trades and in small entrepreneurial skills would help. Community college fill some of these gaps but their focus often seems more academic.

    I've also thought that high school would be a great place to instill some basic education in personal finance & bookkeeping.

    My kids have great college education but still do not have a clue as to how to balance a checkbook (alas, debit cards make it easy to ignore), compare interest rates, mortgage terms, etc.

    Lack of education in these areas is a factor (along with predatory lenders) in the recent sub-prime mortgage bubble.

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    and tax credits rather than reduced monthly payments for insurance on the exchange for subsidies equals MASSIVE electoral losses for Democrats next year.

    And I mean MASSIVE. I have relatives with no insurance now who don't pay taxes because of low income. How in the hell are they going to be able to pay mandated insurance premiums??

    It doesn't make sense.

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    but I'm tired of this back and forth. It's making me sea sick.

    Wake me up when it's over.

  • Well they wanted to get portions of the health industry players on board, and doctors and hospitals don't like reimbursement schedules in Medicare.

    But I personally think that if they REALLY honestly wanted to pass health / insurance reform, they would have just said that people without insurance from employers could buy into Medicare.

  • Costs. Well those are costs to the MA state government - what it is spending on insurance subsidies.

    There are still a lot of externalized costs and savings. Ie. The cost of having health insurance became affordable to those unable to purchase it before. And those who now have health insurance don't find themselves suddenly burdened by huge debts after unexpected medical event or accident.

    Also, even though it is a different kind of cost, the costs of pain and suffering, illness and death of not having insurance should be included in the discussion of cost.

    I find the cost problem really subject to a lot of distortion, manipulation, and confusion.

    Then there is the issue of taxation. Why aren't people willing to pay taxes to support social goods such as medical care for all and decent schools for all?

    What is the cost to our society of not being willing to provide this to all its members?

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    How about unprotected sex with a spouse? Just curious.

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    I disagree about Paterson. He's been a disaster.

  • A Baucus type bill - with a mandate for individuals, none for employers, and NO public option, not only will fail to fix the problems with our health care system, it will also guarantee the loss of Congress in the 2010 election.

    People will be hopping mad when they find out what this will do to 1. their pocketbooks 2. their access to health care.

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