We Must Leave to SAVE LIVES in IRAQ

To those who say we must STAY in Iraq to SAVE LIVES, I say the complete opposite.  We need to LEAVE Iraq to SAVE MORE LIVES.

Yes we will our soldiers and Marines while pulling out.  We will continue to lose them if we stay as long or longer then President Bush's presidency.  Keep in mind, the President announced just this week that America will have a South Korea/North Korea like involvement in Iraq for years to come.

Yes there will be even more Iraqi deaths during the Civil War that is already happening.  Our own Civil War eventually ended, after thousands died of course.  So will Iraq's war.  Hopefully their nation will be better for it, just as ours has been.  The difference however is, It will be the Iraqi people making their truce, not American's doing it for them.

From what I've read and heard, over the long haul, our leaving would give the insurgents and Al Qaeda less reason to hang around.  And if they chose to stay and terrorize the Iraqi people, that would require thousands of brave Iraqi's, men and women, that truly love their nation to stand up and fight the REAL enemy - instead of the United States Army and Marines who according to the White House, liberated them from a brutal dictator, gave them a chance to have a form of Democracy, helped build them an Army that will someday be one of the best, helped to build them a police force, helped to rebuild their schools, hospitals and homes, as well as other infrastructure.

Leaving Iraq would end up benefiting the Iraq people.  They must stand up and take their country back from the terrorists and enemies and we must leave their country in order for them to do just that.  It's time, start withdrawing today and be out by late summer of 2008.

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