Time To Review Recent History - Iraq and Bush Admin

Keith Olbermann on Countdown MSNBC does something every once in awhile that's very interesting. He goes back in recent history, since 9/11, and shows clips of something that was said or done through out the process of our War on Terror, War in Afghanistan and War in Iraq. Yes they are three different stories even though the Bush administration has tried their best to bunch them all together over the past few years because they fear the truth being told in our history books.

Anyway, I wish I could show you just one of those clips, they are so very telling of how this administration as munipulated the media, the story and the American people.

I think it's time that other media stations go back over some of their own clips. Follow the patterns. From day one of talking about Iraq. First it was Weapons of mass distruction, then it was removing a brutal dictator, to liberating the Iraqi people, to killing the enemy over there instead of fighting them here, just give them time to have their first vote we're asked of, give them time to write their constitution, give them time to build up the police, give them time to build up their army, when Iraqi's stand up we will stand down, then it was give us more soldiers (a surge) get control of violence so their government can reconcile their difference, now it's give the military more time to secure Iraq and that we will be in Iraq indefinitely.

It's like watching a teenager try to make excuses why he was late getting home. One excuse after another.

If your wondering if I want the Demoratic Party reviewed, sure, but I believe you'll find they been pretty much consistant over the past 3 years on the war in Iraq.

American's are known for having short term memories. They need to see the WHOLE STORY at one time, like a movie. Just as Keith Olbermann has done in the past, I sincerely wish other networks and cable stations would create that 'movie' too.

It's time for a review.

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The Next War


http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2007/09/14/AR2007091401973_ pf.html

The Next War

It's always looming. But has our military learned the right lessons from this one to fight it and win?

By Wesley K. Clark
Sunday, September 16, 2007; B01

Testifying before Congress last week, Gen. David H. Petraeus appeared commanding, smart and alive to the challenges that his soldiers face in Iraq. But he also embodied what the Iraq conflict has come to represent: an embattled, able, courageous military at war, struggling to maintain its authority and credibility after 4 1/2 years of a "cakewalk" gone wrong.

Petraeus will not be the last general to find himself explaining how a military intervention has misfired and urging skeptical lawmakers to believe that the mission can still be accomplished. The next war is always looming, and so is the urgent question of whether the U.S. military can adapt in time to win it.

Today, the most likely next conflict will be with Iran, a radical state that America has tried to isolate for almost 30 years and that now threatens to further destabilize the Middle East through its expansionist aims, backing of terrorist proxies such as the Lebanese group Hezbollah and even Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank, and far-reaching support for radical Shiite militias in Iraq. As Iran seems to draw closer to acquiring nuclear weapons, almost every U.S. leader -- and would-be president -- has said that it simply won't be permitted to reach that goal.

Think another war can't happen? Think again. Unchastened by the Iraq fiasco, hawks in Vice President Cheney's office have been pushing the use of force. It isn't hard to foresee the range of military options that policymakers face.

The next war would begin with an intense air and naval campaign. Let's say you're planning the conflict as part of the staff of the Joint Chiefs. Your list of targets isn't that long -- only a few dozen nuclear sites -- but you can't risk retaliation from Tehran. So you allow 21 days for the bombardment, to be safe; you'd aim to strike every command-and-control facility, radar site, missile site, storage site, airfield, ship and base in Iran. To prevent world oil prices from soaring, you'd have to try to protect every oil and gas rig, and the big ports and load points. You'd need to use B-2s and lots of missiles up front, plus many small amphibious task forces to take out particularly tough targets along the coast, with manned and unmanned air reconnaissance. And don't forget the Special Forces, to penetrate deep inside Iran, call in airstrikes and drag the evidence of Tehran's nuclear ambitions out into the open for a world that's understandably skeptical of U.S. assertions that yet another Gulf rogue is on the brink of getting the bomb.


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Stop Iran War


dedicated to stopping the next war - in Iran;

created by efforts of Wesley Clark & VoteVets.org;

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Re: Time To Review Recent History -

The simple fact is Iran has already won in Iraq reguardless of what they are saying on tv. They have already inbeded themselves in the Iraqi government thru support from the Kurdish and Shite officals. The Iraqis officals are chronically on Iranian tv thanking Iran for it's support, in the reconstruction of Iraq.

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