Truth or Dare Show -- Catch Them in the Act

Maybe it's time for a new reality type show on network stations.  Maybe there should be a Truth or Dare show again?  You could use a new name but you get the idea from this one.

This show will be about politics and government.

Whenever a politician (leadership area) makes a statement, that statement goes before the judges of this new show.

The judges having no real knowledge whether the statement is true or false -- they have to guess.  If they get it right, they win money.  If they get it wrong they have to suffer somehow (lose money?).

In the end - the TRUTH is told about the original statement and what politician made it.  A media person is then (taped) sent out to ask that politician why he/she lied or if the statement is true - to congratulate them.

Think of the Jay Leno show, where he goes and talks to people on the street asking them political questions about their country or it's history.  That sort of atmosphere.

I think this would not only be funny to hear comments from off the street people in the judges panel; but it would provide an education and teach politicians they must be honest -- if they are, they will benefit from it.

This show could outrun the November election because it could be used in everyday government business with Congress and the Current President.

Ready?  Who has the money to start this?  Volunteers?

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