An amusement park inside Baghdad; this is pathetic!

Thousands of our troops have been killed or injured in Iraq over the past 5 years.  We lost 50 soldiers just last month.

Tax payers are spending billions of dollars ($5000 per second according to Senator Reid, the Senate Majority Leader) every day to protect the Iraqi people and their country.

Our current leadership and his possible predecessor, GOP nominee, Senator John McCain, predict we may continue to be there for up to a hundred years.

Our nation is looked down upon by our allies for our invading a nation that hadn't attacked us.

Surrounding nations like Iran, Syria and Turkey are trying to put their people in position in Iraq to over take whatever influence we may have had there.

Now this;  Mr Werner, chairman of C3, a Los Angeles-based holding company for private equity firms, is pouring millions of dollars into developing the Baghdad Zoo and Entertainment Experience, a massive American-style amusement park that will feature a skateboard park, rides, a concert theatre and a museum. It is being designed by the firm that developed Disneyland. "The people need this kind of positive influence. It's going to have a huge psychological impact," Mr Werner said.

The 50-acre (20 hectare) swath of land sits adjacent to the Green Zone and encompasses Baghdad's existing zoo, which was looted, left without power and abandoned after the American-led invasion in 2003...
Mr Werner, who has been sold a 50-year lease on the site by the Mayor of Baghdad for an undisclosed sum, says that the time is ripe for the amusement park. "I think people will embrace it. They'll see it as an opportunity for their children regardless if they're Shia or Sunni. They'll say their kids deserve a place to play and they'll leave it alone."

Excuse me?  Some of our troops are on their 4th and 5th deployment to Iraq.  Their families are hurting financially and emotionally.  Some of these men and women have 1-5 year old children they've rarely seen, let alone been able to take them to an amusement park.

This has nothing what so ever to do with giving the Iraqi's a "positive influence".  It's all about the bottom line.  

Ya think maybe these companies investing in Iraq's future could maybe invest a little money in our troop's lives?

I'm sorry but this company's priorities --- simply suck!

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Afghanistan Park

Next thing ya know they'll be building a National Park in the far corners of Afghanistan, throwing the indiginous Peoples off their Land (thereby encorouging them to join the taliban).

by ROGNM 2008-05-07 11:43AM | 0 recs
Re: Afghanistan Park

The entire war is pathetic, and nothing surprises me anymore. Perhaps next year, they will give them a National Hockey League expansion team.

by pollbuster 2008-05-07 11:50AM | 0 recs


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