Florida voters New Poll /Count the results!

A new poll commissioned by the Miami Herald and the St. Petersburg Times clearly shows the peril to Democrats in November should the Florida delegation not be seat at the convention and the votes cast by 1.7 million Floridians not count.
The survey results:
More than three out of four Florida Democrats say it's "very important" that Florida's delegates count toward the nomination, and one in four said they would be less likely to support the ultimate Democratic nominee if Florida's delegates don't count.

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More from the Reverand Wright and the TUCC

Obama's controversial minister the Reverend Wright and the Chicago Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) have subscribed to a "Black Value system" since at least 1982. Some of the controversial beliefs include the disavowal of "Black Middleclass ness" which Obama mentions on his web site.

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