Thank You George W. Bush

Dear George,

I wanted to thank you for for taking Americans for granted.
I wanted to thank you for using the White House to help your corparatist friends.
I wanted to thank you for trying to make up for your weaknesses by invading Iraq.
I wanted to thank you for trying to deliver more oil fields to the Big Oil companies.
I wanted to thank you for not taking the time to read the Constitution.
I wanted to thank you for destroying the Republican party.
I wanted to thank you for inspiring Barack Obama to run for office to undo the mess you have created.

More importantly - I wanted to thank you for being such a bad President which will lead to today's landslide victory for Senator Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Thank you sir. I will never forget your impact to our great Country. No one will.

Mr. Perez, Northern Virginia

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Colin Powell Endorses Obama!

Colin Powell just endorsed Barack Obama on Meet the Press this morning. He sighted several reasons for his choice. Some pro-Obama but most anti-McCain/Palin.

- Narrowed Focus of McCain Campaign

  • Negative Campaigning
  • Sarah Palin

In 1995 I founded the unofficial web site in an attempt to get Colin Powell to run for President. Before he made his decision not to run, I registered 35,000 volunteers across the country who were ready to help him in his campaign. I even had a chance to meet him in person where he thanked me for my efforts to get him elected. It was a great time for America.

While I still have an incredible amount of respect for Powell, I wish he'd done a better job during the run up to the Iraqi War. We all know he was against it but he couldn't break away from the Bush/Reagan doctrine.

I would love to hear how the country reacts.

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McCain - Neverending War In Iraq (video)

I wanted to share this great 5 minute clip with you.

Please comment and pass it around to all independents. Talk about being a flip-flopper!

Now would you want for this the next clip to become true?

Act now. In many states, we are down to only a few days left to register. Get folks out now! Every state is a swing state.

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Gustav: A Republican Prayer Answered

Watch this 3 minute long video: 2Q

I guess God decided. If you believe in God, perhaps you have this guy and his prayer to thank for Gustav. How can any true Christian or religious person wish something bad to happen to other people.

Now the Republicans have lost one day or more of there convention and will have to compete with post-Gustav coverage over the next 2-3 days. Come to think of it, with the selection of Palin as him mate, I mean, running mate, Gustav might be a good thing after all.

Again, I guess God picked who he wants to win this time around. By the way where is this loser praying for Gustav to dissipate being hitting land in New Orleans.

By the way, I was a delegate for a major battleground state and it was a lovely day every day throughout of the Democratic Convention.

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Hillary and Barack Campaigning Together Next Friday

I am working on getting further details but all the networks  are reporting that Obama and Clinton will do a joint campaign rally next Friday. What great news! I can't wait to see them together on the same stage and on the same team.

I am taking bets as to where they will campaign. See the poll below.

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FISA and WAR Funding - Democrats Are Weak!

How can Pelosi and Reid be so weak? Call your Congressman right now! They are about to pass another Bush War Funding bill which includes a FISA provision that will give telecommunications companies immunity from lawsuits. Do the Democrats know that Bush has a 29% approval rating and that only 17% of Americans feel we are on the wrong track?

More to follow as I get more details.

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Tim Russert Rememberance: Virginia Democratic State Convention

At the Virginia Democratic State Convention on June 14, 2008, Loudoun County for Obama introduced this Sense of the Convention statement in memory of Tim Russert and his outstanding service and commitment to unbiased journalism.  It was unanimously adopted at the Convention on the evening of June 14th.


The Sense of Convention Statement - Tim Russert
Virginia Democratic Convention
June 14th, 2008


In recognition of Tim Russert's outstanding commitment to the American people; To fostering clear and insightful political debate and discussion; His tremendous contribution to promoting and strengthening our democracy; And most of all, in recognition and appreciation for the example he set as a son, father, husband and American;

The delegates of this convention add our voices to those of millions of Americans and those around the globe to express our gratitude and appreciation for a life that touched and enriched the lives of all of us.



The Sense of Convention statement was given by NK, a member of the Loudoun County for Obama team in Virginia's 10th Congressional District. It was written by Gail Wise who is also a member of the Loudoun County for Obama team in Virginia.

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Mike Turner for Congress (VA-10)

For anyone in the Northern Virginia 10th Congressional District, look up Mike Turner (D-VA10). Mike is a progressive 27+ year Air Force veteran that was the first candidate to endorse Barack Obama. Now, I hope some of you don't hold that against him. He said what he felt when he didn't have to endorse anyone at all. He's very principled and I feel he can depose Frank Wolf (R) in this district which has been Red for over 27 years - all Wolf.

Mike will be going up against Judy Feder at the June 10th Democratic Primary and needs you support to get to the GE in November.

Thank you!

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Obama In Virginia & Mike Turner (VA-10)

Barack Obama will be holding a huge rally at the Nissan Pavilion in Northen Virginia. This facility holds 25,000. I expect a huge kickoff for a state that will go BLUE in November.

If you live in the 10th Congressional District in Northern Virgnia, please vote on June 10th. We have a strong candidate running in the Democratic primary - Mike Turner.

Mike can beat Republican Frank Wolf who's been in service for 27 years and is very disconnected from the process.

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Obama Has Not Conceeded Indiana

On the rail this morning, I overheard someone making an analogy that to me was dead on. Please, no troll ratings. I have been trying to bring unity to the party but I need to share this analogy for those of you that see nothing wrong with what's going on right now.

Even though Hillary Clinton received more votes than Obama in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, Barack Obama has not yet conceded those elections. Until he does, Hillary is not the winner of those states.

Obama to concede for the results to become official.

Now, HRC is using the same strategy to keep the campaign going. Even though, Barack has won the nomination, it is not official until Hillary Clinton makes it so.

Go to YouTube and search for "Young Hillary Clinton" and watch the "Connect Four" section. It is happening right now.

Why are some of us pretending to live in an alternative universe?

Both Hillary and Obam gave great speeches at AIPAC today. Obama's speech was especially well received with several and continuous applause coming from those in attendance. They both did a great job at making strong and positive comments about each other but Hillary is still talking like a candidate for the nomination.

Is this good for the party or for Hillary? I'm conflicted.

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