Beating Bob Ney of Ohio

OH-18:  Democrat Zack SpaceLEADS Rep. Bob Ney in GOP internal polling reports the Washington Post.

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Could you be more misleading?

The post article says "...[Ney] is trailing his two little-known Democratic opponents in internal GOP surveys".  If you get the print version of today's newspaper it very clearly says in the bubble next to the article " leaders favor Chillicothe Mayor Joseph P. Sulzer as the candidate"  This can be seen by contributions to Sulzer's campaign from both Leader Nancy Pelosi, DCCC leader Emanuel and ODP Chair Redfurn.

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Re: Beating Bob Ney of Ohio

ugh...just saw this.  Sulzer in 06', lets get serious already and stop this in-fighting.

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Re: Beating Bob Ney of Ohio

Thanks for posting Zack Space's website; VERY IMPRESSIVE. It looks like he is a real progressive with a great grasp on the issues that people care about. Don't be discouraged by people calling for him to bow out for "party unity." This is a tactic that
Rahm Emanuel
uses all over the country to drive progressives out of races. I'm sure you've heard about his interference in the Christine Cegelis race in Illinois. But it's going on wherever there are vulnerable Repug incumbents. Look what he's been up to in
Florida's 16th CD

Primaries are very healthy for the Democratic Party. I have heard great things about Sulzer and I had a very positive feeling about Space's web site. I hate this attempt by the DCCC and the DSCC to create a feeling of inevitability about their annointed candidates. Sometimes they annoint good candidates-- like Sulzer-- and sometimes they annoint really bad ones, even actual Republicans like they did in FL-16! A good clean primary contest helps clear that up. Then we all come together and rescue the country from the far right
and from the corrupt sleaze-bags like Ney.

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