• What I don't understand is how there could be a personal, individual right that the federal government is obliged to observe, without that obligation also applying to the states.

    Simple.  The USSC has never incorporated Amendment II.  

    The 9th Circuit has (just this past April) - but Chicago is not on the 9th Circuit.

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    ... for the GOP nomination.  2012 this time.

    Huck's doing the more aggressive posturing.  Probably necessary - he's the underdog to Romney.

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    I don't know about you but I really don't think Khalid Sheikh Muhammad is someone I would shed a tear for if he was waterboarded a 1000 times by our intelligence operatives to save further loss of life in the aftermath of the attacks...

    I could care less about Khalid Sheikh Muhammad.

    I care about the principles of my nation.  Whether or not Khalid Sheikh Muhammad suffers under torture is not my concern.  What is my concern is the dangerous precedent it sets, namely the mind-bogglingly juvenile and myopic ends-justify-means nonsense bandied about by people like you.  What is my concern is the political damage done to the United States as a result.  What is my concern is the moral repugnance of it.

    Oh, and as for your laughable downthread comment that you don't think anyone has demonstrated that waterboarding isn't effective, here's a clue - the onus is on its supporters to demonstrate that it IS effective!

    And here's another clue - under waterboarding in Egypt, Ibn al-Libi "disclosed" extensive contacts between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein.  Only problem was, he made it up just to stop the waterboarding.

    How's that for effective, you ridiculous apologist for neocon wet dreams?

  • But the limit is three terms, so Huntsman could run again in '12.

  • ... John McCain got a bounce from the convention and managed to win more polls than Obama only in the very narrow window of polls which closed between 09/07 and 09/11.

    Wow!  McCain won the majority of polls for a whole five-day period!

    Anyone who thinks that means that Obama only won because of the economy needs to look again at the entire campaign, not part of a week in September.

  • Pssst - guess why the LOL is in italics?

    Because it's a sig!  It has nothing to do with the topic of the diary.

    Sheeesh ...

  • Their is a narrow, silent majority in this country who oppose gay marriage.

    Yes, there is.  A narrow one.

    And every year, over three million Americans die.  Further, every year, over three million Americans turn 18 and acquire the right to vote.

    Those Americans who pass away oppose marriage equality by a substantial margin.  Those who turn 18 support marriage equality by an equally substantial margin.

    Too bad for the bigots ...

  • Ahmadinejad "supports" a two-state plan in the same way George W. Bush "supported" the assault weapons ban and its renewal.  When cornered and essentially forced to answer on the campaign trail, he said he did.  Then he never mentioned it in his eight years as President and didn't so much as lift a finger to support its renewal.

    And I don't consider Ahmadinejad's word any less worthless than our previous President's word.

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    Now what exactly do you have against gay marriage?

    Let me take a stab at this ...

    a) A bunch of guys living in the desert in SW Asia a few thousand years ago didn't like it, and/or

    b) It's sooooooooooo icky!

    * * * * * * *

    The more sophisticated of the bigots will ramble on and on about how the holy sanctity of Rush Limbaugh's three failed marriages will somehow be tarnished by the marriage of two men or two women to each other, but it really boils down to what I listed above.

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    Oh, having a court uphold civil rights.


    Have you spent the last 42 years upset at the United States for "doing it the wrong way" in Loving v. Virginia, vis-a-vis anti-miscegenation laws?

    Or is it only the "wrong way" when you dislike where the ruling leads?

    Here's a hint - the law isn't predicated on what "you believe".  Quit being so damn selfish and expecting the law to revolve around your preferences.  Liberty trumps what you want.

    Ain't freedom a bitch?

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    Why to the Muslim world? Why not to South Americans? Why not to the Japanese, Korean, or Chinese worlds?

    Gee, maybe because we're involved in two wars in the midst of the Muslim heartland?

    Maybe because Muslims in particular are wary of America and American foreign policy?

    He didn't say "to ONLY the Muslim world", now did he?

  • It's 400 miles away from Florida, on the far side of Cuba.  It's a small base with a single airfield.  

    It's next to useless as a strategic resource vis-a-vis Florida.

  • ... from Guantanamo, 800 miles away?  

    U.S. forces from Florida or Puerto Rico can handle the job of protecting the Panama Canal, if need be, much more effectively than a small base with a single airfield in Cuba.  Frankly, this idea than Guantanamo is necessary to defend the canal is so inane it sounds like you just made it up on the spot for lack of being able to come up with anything better.

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    ... for someone who chooses to identify himself as one who doesn't like bitter people.  But then, I guess you have specified that you only dislike bitter non-whites, so perhaps that makes your own bitterness not so ironic, in some odd twist of your mind.

    I wonder, did you realize that from 1896 through 2000 there were been 11 elections in which one party took the White House from the other party?  Did you further know that the winning party successfully held the White House four years later in 10 of those 11 instances?

    I only told you that to make sure today wasn't the day any of your bitterness subsided ...

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    LOL.  What the hell.  Who is your sock, Jerome?

    There's probably lots of socks in that drawer ...


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