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    also, start the bar lower.

    starting out with 30% tax cuts bloated the tax cuts up to over 40% by the time it ended in the Senate

    Start low - like 10%.   Make the republicans work for their only idea they have to "stimulate" the economy.

  • well, it didn't stop the republicans for the last 8 years when they were in power.

    I just WISH one frigging TV "interviewer" would ask those republicans if their plan is so great, then why on earth are we in the mess we are in now?

    Didn't they have this "plan" before?

  • He is an azzz.  He ignored those threats when he became VP, because it came from the Clinton admin.

    And it brought on 9/11, thanks a lot, Cheney & GWB

    Lawrence O'Donnell stated tonight that it is UNHEARD of a former VP throwing these types of bombs and lies 2 weeks after a new president comes into office

    Gore didn't start criticizing the GWB admin until a year.   and he could have criticized very vocally if he wanted to - he had a lot to be upset with

    Cheney is just trying to hold onto all of his balls here, because if Holder ever goes after the Bush admin, his will be the first on the chopping block

  • I just wish the democrats would GET ON TV and show this.  They muddy it up, buy into the republican spin.

    They have the majority - why are they NOT OUT there as a majority?

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    I thought Hillary would be the nominee and Obama the VP pick
    I thought Romney would be the republican nominee
    I thought that there would be a lot more voter suppression (re: Ohio 2004, FL 2000)

    I didn't think Obama would pick Hillary for VP (although I would not have been unhappy if he had)
    I thought the Palin pick would move over any Hillary supporters back over into Obama's side (if they hadn't already migrated) and become very vocal and loud Obama supporters
    I knew that Bill & Hillary would be behind Obama
    I knew that once Palin was picked, the republican ticket was NOT going to run on the issues anymore, but red-meat.
    I thought that Obama would win by a huge margin both in popular vote & EV
    I thought that the old issues of Ayers and Wright, which were played out on national TV during the primaries, would not have the same impact during the GE.  The shock value was gone by that time
    I knew that if economy was the number 1 issue, Obama would win hands-down with no problems

    That said, I still was biting my nails until Ohio was called for Obama - I knew it was over then.  

  • I am hoping that Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards come out swinging hard for UHC.

    Obama has never pushed UHC.  Hillary & Elizabeth have been.

  • [quote]We really don't need to turn the White House into an affirmative action program for moderate Republicans.[/quote]

    bears repeating....

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    look, Obama got a landslide - a friggin' REAL mandate.

    there is nothing wrong with working on the things we can agree on with the republicans, but that doesn't mean we are supposed to give in to every friggin' thing

    Clinton had to do this for a lot of stuff because he was forced to work with a republican congress

    Obama has a democratic congress.  People want healthcare, they want education, they want energy independence.

    IT IS A MANDATE.  If GWB could do what he did with his totals from the GE's, for crying out loud, Obama certainly can do it.

    Unless we want to lose in 4 years, we better produce our brand and make it better for Americans.  Otherwise, we will have another election where the pundits will state there is no difference between the democratic & republican candidate (Gore V Bush, anyone?)

    We know that isn't true.

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    I used to live in CA.  There was a horrible prop (I think it was 103 or something like that) back in the early 1990's.

    It passed big time and yet never got installed into law, because it got tied up in the courts.

    I have the feeling CA will tie this up in the court systems for decades.   I have hope that this prop will NOT hold up in a court of law.

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    I am 44.  My mother is 86.  We both voted for Obama proudly.  I didn't start out as an Obama supporter in the primaries, but I became his biggest fan - lol

    When Ohio flipped blue last night, I start to cry and didn't stop for about 10 minutes.  I knew at that point WE, the American people, had won.

    This election is for all ages, all races, male & female, poor & rich.

    we DID IT!!!!!

    thank you ALL for the amazing turnout.

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    the pundits are spinning like crazy.  Obama needs to run the country center-right, doncha know.  Because a huge popular vote lead and electoral landslide for a democrat is not a mandate - unlike the one state victory for GWB

    Clinton had the same problem - so, I do hope that we don't get stuck with the center-right bullshit for the next 8 years

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    Palin is just a person looking out for herself.  She IS NOT a feminist.

    A feminist who is the governor of a state with the highest percentage of domestic violence would have made that part of her platform to change

    A feminist who was the mayor of a city that had a law on the books when she took office about charging rape victims for rape kits would have REPEALED that law the first day she took office.

    If anything, Palin is the sexist here.

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    where is Russ Feingold?

    I haven't heard much from him.  I think he should get out there as well.

    Al Gore would draw the crowds as well.

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    thank you for posting this.

    the picture of the young lady over his tombstone is so moving.

  • brit, thank you for that picture.

    it brought tears to my eyes.


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