'Political celebrity'

A liberal blogger finds that McCain's site hosted an article describing the Republican that way, since removed.
(via Crooks & Liars)
(photo on C&L)
so McCain has scrubbed his website
but don't worry the google cache picks it up

Doesn't McCain just love technology

The Highlights from comments:

McCain's arguments to be hypocritical at best. McCain's own political career is owed to his celebrity status as a war hero.

The man had a cameo in "The Wedding Crashers"! And in 2006, Senator McCain apparently appeared as an actor in an episode of "24"

Also on Celebrity Jeopardy, Sen. John McCain made a surprise guest appearance at the end of the first taping, when he took over for Trebek to introduce the Final Jeopardy question. McCain was on the first-ever edition of "Jeopardy!" back in 1964, when he screwed up a Final Jeopardy question about Heathcliff from the novel "Wuthering Heights." (He would like us to note that he knew the answer, he just said the book name instead of the character.

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