Dem Platform in '08- Simple and to the Point

<"We need to get out of war, get our economy back up, quit spending money outside of America and bring it here,"> said Democrat Lisa Pollard, 45, an insurance company analyst in Arlington, Texas. n_re_us/pessimistic_us;_ylt=AliYtvrHLNDQ C4z9U.GTE3VI2ocA

The Dems need to simplify their message for the coming election and build it around a healthy economic nationalism and populism. In today's AP headlines  AP/IPSOS poll cites a new low in polling on the direction for America at 25%. Democrats need to hit hard and simply on the concerns of the electorate. The quote above by a woman from Texas says it all. "We need to get out of war, get our economy back up, quit spending money outside of America and bring it here," It's about the war, it's about our national priorities and needs, and about building a strong and secure national life and ending costly foreign occupation. It's about taking care of our own. Period.. That's a message that will win.

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Save Social Security-March on Washington

At times of national crisis and decision a national mobilization has been necessary.  The reckless Bush administration is provoking a crisis by beginning the process of dismantling the social security system. It is still a very successful system of social insurance and guaranteed income security for the retiree, the disabled, the widow and the orphan. (Remember that one in three soc. sec. payments go to non-retirees.) The Bush goal is to change it to a 401 K with no income guarantee. They will have to borrow 2 trillion dollars to effect this transition, placing our currency in danger of an international collapse and making our national debt completely impossible, assuming they can even get anyone to buy bonds in dollars any more. Now it the time to mobilize by planning a massive march on Washington by a coalition of Americans of all parties, income and ethnic and regional groups. Through the internet we can begin to talk this up. We are getting no leadership at all from the dem party right now on this issue. They are hemming and hawing and saying "well, let's wait and see." it will soon be too late. And the media is just repeating the Bush lies on this, the same way they did Iraq. What say you?
Bill R.


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