My Post-Mortem of Chambliss v Martin

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Let me begin this with something upbeat.  The winner of the Jim Martin sweepstakes is Meridian05. Enjoy your prize!

Analysis below the fold......

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The Jim Martin......Sweepstakes?

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Is anyone interested in a new fundraising idea for Jim Martin, our runoff-bound progressive Democrat for Georgia's U.S. Senate seat.  Thought so, so here it is!

A few months ago, my girlfriend and I were at one of the many antique shops that grace the Marietta Square.  While there, I found a had-to-have....the March 11, 1957 issue of Life magazine.  What made this particular issue special?  Follow me down below the fold to see!

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Jim Martin wins GA Senate runoff

I hadn't seen it posted here, so I'll do the honors.  Jim Martin defeated Vernon Jones 59% to 41% yesterday in the Democratic U.S. Senate runoff.  The clearly stronger choice now moves to on the admittedly uphill but winnable race against the odious Rethug incumbent, Suxby Shameless.  

Not only is Shameless the quintessential Bush rubber stamp, but he also has the endearing quality of saying whatever a particular audience wants to hear on the issue of undocumented workers.  When speaking to farmers, it's "the need for guest workers".  When speaking to suburbanites, it's "border security first, last and foremost".  Shameless' shimmying is probably as big, if not a bigger, vulnerability than the Republican brand as a whole (remember, this is GA).  

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VIDEO: Donzella Kicks Bush Dog Butt

Earlier this week, Donzella James and David Scott met for what will be their only debate at the Atlanta Press Club studio.  While neither one had a good handle on the overly restrictive format, the message was clear - if you're a progressive support Donzella - if you're a Bush Dog, support Scott.  One caveat: Donzella did offer qualified support for more oil drilling - kinds wish she hadn't.  The realities of global warming make that needle impossible to thread, IMHO.  I'm still behind her, though!

Finally, a word of apology: I've never worked with an embed code, so all the video is through links.

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Defeat Sexism (Updated)

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In retrospect, it is a great shame that the groundbreaking nature of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign did not receive more attention.  Many voters (like myself) were more focused on her non-apology for her war vote, and her hiring of corporate functionaries like Mark Penn.  Take away either one of those, to say nothing of both, and I can see myself as a Hillary supporter during the primaries.  As it was, I was most offended by any criticism of her that seemed based on mysoginy, not the issues.  The record of such sexist attacks, as we well know, predates even former President Clinton's first primary win in 1992.  

There should be no room for such garbage in the Democratic Party, period.  Yet, here it is.... howcontentitem/area/1/section/22/item/11 2496.html

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More from GA-13

The deadline for qualifying as a candidate in Georgia passed at noon on May 2nd, and three hats were tossed in to the ring for Georgia's 13th Congressional seat.  The lone Republican is Deborah Honeycutt, who spent a not inconsiderable amount of money in 2006, only to garner 31% of the vote.  Not terribly surprising, as the Democratic nominee for governor had his brains handed to him statewide, yet Mark Taylor carried both the Cobb and Clayton portion of the district.  Though full district numbers are not available to me at the present time, Cobb and Clayton together make up about half of the 13th.  Thus, it is reasonable to assume, especially given the favorable political winds blowing right now, that the district is in no danger of Repub takeover. will have the Cobb numbers; a link to the Georgia SOS website is available from there.  

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Is GA-13 another MD-04 in the making?

Hello, everyone.  Admittedly, I've been pretty quiet since John Edwards suspended his presidential campaign.  Neutrality seems to suit me best in the Clinton/Obama battle, while I wait for another race to get my political juices going.  That wait is over.  

The current representative from Georgia's 13th Congressional district voted for the Big Pharma subsidy a.k.a. Medicare Part D.  He also voted for the tax giveaway to Big Oil a.k.a. the 2005 energy bill.  His name is David Scott, recently listed as one of the 25 Most Corrupt People in Congress (as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; link to follow hopefully soon).  Like John Lewis, he started off as a Clinton supporter, but now says he will vote for Obama as a superdelegate.  Can either side trust him?

Enter Donzella James.  She served five productive terms in the Georgia Senate, passing 270 bills geared to protecting the most vulnerable in society.  In 2006, she opposed Scott in the primary and garnered over 40% of the vote with very limited resources.  She is trying again to offer GA-13 principled, ethical and progressive leadership.  In the process, she also offers to the Georgia delegation some much-needed gender diversity; the current delegation, Senators included, is male.  THIS male thinks that a problem!  

Her website is being revamped and the issue page is not complete, but there is enough there (both platform and biography) to demonstrate her progressive bona-fides.  Check it out at:

Donations can be sent through Act Blue: s

Having met Donzella on several occasions, my impression of her is that she is a qualified and genuine public servant with a compassion for people who are hurting, the drive to help, and the skill to succeed.  I thank you, dear reader, for your consideration.

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Help is on the way....from Bob Barr??!!

I can't say this wasn't totally unexpected.  Bob Barr, the former Georgia congressman known mostly as one of thirteen managers of the impeachment case against former President Clinton has formed a exploratory presidential committee as a Libertarian. howcontentitem/area/1/section/15/item/10 8583.html

To be fair, Barr was never very close to the Dubya machine, having endorsed Steve Forbes in the 2000 primary.  There were even rumors Barr flirted with the idea of running for VP on Pat Buchanan's Reform Party ticket later that year.  Further, Barr publicly opposed the Patriot Act and other post-9/11 expansions of government power championed by the Bush administration during his savage 2002 primary battle with eventual winner John Linder.  After his defeat, Barr became a vocal critic of both parties, and made his switch to the Libertarians official in 2006.

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Elizabeth Edwards' Father Passes Away

It just came up on  Vincent Anania, Elizabeth Edwards' father passed away.  Mr. Anania served in the U.S. Navy, and was on board the U.S.S. Quincy in 1945, the ship that took President Roosevelt to the Yalta Conference.  The story should be on the front page, or the "more news" link; it was not on as yet.

Many condolences to the Edwards and Anania families.

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FISA BS From my Congressman

Last week, I sent off standardized email messages regarding my opposition to telecom immunity.  Seeing that my representatives in Washington are Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Sen. Johnny Isakson, and Cong. Phil Gingrey, you can imagine what good my efforts were.  Still, there is something to be gained by letting them know that a few of their constituents are not brainwashed right-wing zombies.  

Be that as it may, I wanted to share with you the response I received from Congressman Gingrey's office.  Mind you, the specific issue raised was telecom immunity.

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