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    My choice for the MTP slot would have been Andrea Mitchell, and let us just say Mr. Gregory has done nothing to change my mind.

  • Please offer a link to back up your claims of Hamas-offered cease-fires.  I've heard nothing of the kind.  What I have heard is that Hamas refuses to recognize even the existence of Israel, which is quite a larger agenda than just Israeli withdrawal from the disputed lands.

    I don't agree with everything Israel does; settlement expansion in Judea and Samaria undermines President Abbas at the very time he needs to be strengthened, particularly vis a vis Hamas.  That said, I'm not going to stand by and allow your misstatements to go unchallenged.  

    The rocket attacks came first - then the Israeli incursion to stop them.  Why won't you condemn Hamas-led violence?  

  • The siege began in response to the Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, not the other way around.  If you're going to scream "bullshit", try purging it from your comments first.

    Do you want to see Netanyahu and the Likud completely and totally undermined?  Get the Palestinians to stop their terrorist attacks.  Every time there is a lull, the Israeli left surges, and hopes for peace with them.  Every rocket, every suicide bomber is political manna for Bibi.  

  • Sorry, I agree with Lakrosse on this one.  What happened when Ariel Sharon unilaterally withdrew the settlements from Gaza?  The Palestinians moved their rocket positions that much closer to Israel, and THERE WAS NO PEACE.  That is not propoganda, that is the sad truth.  Unilateral Israeli concessions are not the answer - that has been proven.

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    Sooner or later, Mike Huckabee is going to have to give up his show on Fox Noise to run for President again.  If that turns out to be sooner, maybe Long John Rupert cut an as yet secret deal with Madame Youbetcha to take that slot in their propoganda lineup.

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    Just think, back in 2002, Gingrey was the mainstream Repub and his primary opponent, now-State Sen. Cecil Staton, was the hardliner.  

    The good thing about having the other Dr. Phil representing me in Congress is that it keeps my expectations low.....make that nonexistent!

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    Stephen Harper's strongarm tactics in Canada have assured that his opponents will topple his government later this month.  The new coalition will not last long, though - expect new elections north of the border in late summer or early autumn.  

    Likud will edge out Kadima in the Israeli elections, but Benjamin Netanyahu may end up having to keep Kadima leader Tzipi Livni on as Foreign Minister in yet another unwieldy coalition government.

    Look for increasing protests, and increasingly harsh suppresion of protest in Russia as oil wealth dries up (crude prices will stay level or slightly decline over the course of the year as global demand continues to stagnate and U.S.-based renewable energy gets a shot in the arm from President Obama).  By the end of the year, the Obama administration may find it impossible to work with the Medvedev/Putin autocracy on much of anything.

    Concessions from both sides will allow for much improved U.S.-Cuba relations.  With Russia destabilizing and the oil market flat, Hugo Chavez will put out peace feelers to the Obama administration, but nothing major in 2009.

    Look for Iranian moderates to gain strength and nuclear tensions to subside somewhat, but it will still be an issue as 2010 begins.  

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    President-elect Obama supported John Barrow (D-GA-12) in his primary race against Regina Thomas. Barrow also cruised to re-election in November.  Although he will still call himself a Blue Dog, I doubt Barrow will be AWOL if his vote is genuinely needed by the new administration.  That may be true for other member sof that caucus as well.

  • In case you had not noticed, on this website, having progressive values IS a qualification.  We believe in public investments in infrastructure, renewable energy, health care, and education.  We believe in restoring the damage done to the Constitution over the last eight years.  We believe in equal rights for all, regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation.  

    Al Franken will uphold those values; Norm Coleman will not.  It's that simple.  

  • I think it's a good idea for Franken to lower expectations regarding the size of his vote lead.  He's got the momentum now, and exceeding the benchmarks his campaign lays out will only help.

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    Shuster doesn't impress me either - I hate it when he subs for Keith Olbermann on Countdown.  At least Keith will have the opportunity to find a subtitute of Rachel Maddow caliber rather than the aforementioned.  

  • There is more leadership on the economy in this one video than we've seen in the whole Bush Administration.  I'm hoping that mass transit improvements, with buses and rail systems built here in the US, will be another component of the President-elect's plan.

  • Now that Suxby has won in GA, can 41 Republicans plus Lieberman filibuster a pro-Franken ruling from the whole Senate?

    Also, wouldn't Lieberman lose his chairmanship if he sides with Coleman?  Senate Democrats are supposed to be "monitoring" his behavior.  With 60 is out of the question, is 59 that much more important than 58?


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