GOP Rep. Gets Sham Award from Drug Industry Front Org

Rep. Nan Hayworth's office sent out a press release last Thursday with a picture of the Congresswoman being handed an award beneath a sign saying, “Senior Citizens Thank You For Protecting Medicare and Social Security.” It sure looks like a perfect photo opportunity for the Congresswoman, being honored by a organization known as the “60 Plus Association” for protecting in their best interests.

However, there are two huge problems with this picture. First, Nan Hayworth just voted to kill Medicare, if you're one of the few that has forgotten. And second, the 60 Plus Association is not a senior citizen's group at all, it's just a front organization for the pharmaceutical industry. This is a crass attempt by Hayworth to once again deceive her constituents, particularly the elderly.

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Campaign integrity questioned as GOP notaries admit to misconduct

The integrity of a Republican congressional hopeful's campaign is being questioned after news emerged this week that three of her notaries admitted to professional misconduct in regards to the handling of ballot petitions. 

Nan Hayworth's campaign manager, John Hicks, along with other campaign notaries, admitted to misconduct on the witness stand Wednesday in regards to the handling of Independence Party petitions. Hayworth, a retired Mt. Kisco physician, is one of two potential Republican opponents to Democratic Congressman John Hall (NY-19) in November. 

Two days into a court review of the petitions, Hicks admitted that allegations brought forth by Congressman's John Hall campaign were true, and that he didn't uphold the law "in the traditional sense" when gathering signatures for the Independence Party line.

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