• here is the post about Queen Esther in VOS IZ NEIAS: (Yiddish: "What's News")

  • Oh, puleese... get off it.   When Clinton responds to Obama, she is anxious, or moody; when Obama responds it is anger, apparently righteous, according to you.  I guess it must be different rules.

    And why exactly is loving Esther not exactly a "pro-woman" talking point?  I am Jewish and find Esther to be a compelling selfless hero, and I take offense when you make that statement about a positive role model in my religion!!!

  • That is true, but he refrained from tearing up.

  • This isn't the story they want to tell us!

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    So, can I assume then, that you are opposed to Social Security and Medicare as well?

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    Catriley, thank you for sharing this.  It is one of those "there but for the grace of G-d go I" stories.

    I, too, had pre-eclampsia, and several other serious problems that made mine a very high-risk pregnancy.  Fortunately, I had excellent health insurance (which I could barely afford, because I was self-employed and not a member of a group, but one way or the other I kept paying the premium).

    Because I had health insurance, though, I was able to go to my ob-gyn every two weeks, I had every diagnostic blood-test imaginable done, and I had ultra-sounds almost every month.  I was put on bed rest for the last 3 months of my pregnancy, and ended up having a c-section.  Despite the challenges we faced, both my daughter and I overcame them, and came through healthy.

    I shudder to think what would have happened to me or to her, had my husband and I not been able to keep my health insurance, and had I not enjoyed such excellent pre-natal care.  There is a strong possibility that we would have both died.

    There is no reason why any woman should have to face pregnancy without health insurance, and the fact that there are many woman in this Country like you and Trina Bachtel is an ugly blot that should shame us all.

  • person that everything is black and white for you.  I have to assume that all of your friends have the exact same opinion on every topic as you do.  How boring for you.  You are nothing but a diletante, rigid in your thinking and unwilling to entertain, even for a moment, the thought that other people may operate differently than you do.

    Most people are more complex than you seem to be and have a wide variety of opinions, some from column A and some from column B.

    As Nobama said, I don't care what the author's other opinions are.  This one was right on target, and contrary to your conclusion, I did read the entire article and there was nothing wrong or offensive to it, except maybe to you, because he didn't like Obama.

    Furthermore, just because something is in Obama's platform doesn't mean that he will act in accordance with that, or even holds that view in his heart.

    Just for more information, I will give you a link to a post on my blog, which discusses an article that appeared in today's LA Times, which examines what Palestinians' opinions are about Obama.  Obama on Israel: What does he really believe.  I am sure you will hate it because it contains an opinion different than yours.

    May I make a suggestion?  You may get farther by listening to people and appreciating their differences, then by slamming them because they have differences.

  • He was addressing that garbage about Obama being alleged to be a muslim and being sworn in on a Koran.  That is "gutter trash" which I stated at the outset "I didn't buy".  

    Why don't you read what is written before you attack someone?  It will keep you from slandering others in the same way you claim Obama has been slandered.

  • opinion is not my true opinion?

    Lets go through the statement of mine that you quoted:

    "I am very skeptical about his support for Israel...."  

    Are you saying that I am lying about my skepticsm about Obama's position on this issue?

    I continued with  "...which was conveniently developed in anticipation for this campaign".  

    That  part of the statement is my conclusion/opinion.   I assumed that the people who read and write on this blog would have the intelligence to understand, what I mean, without me having to insert the words "in my opinion".

    A conclusion/opinion  is different from a fact.  You in fact, even state that "it is totally false and has no factual basis whatsoever."  I am assuming that "it" is my conclusion.

    On that note, I would also note that "longtime Obama supporter Rabbi Sam Gordon" is stating HIS OPINION, which apparently you share.  That does not make it the TRUTH.

    Moving on, why is my conclusion/opinion "filth" that I am not allowed to spread?  I thought this was a forum in which we could express our opinion.  I didn't call Obama any names nor spread any lies.

    In the same vein, why is stating my opinion employing  "gutter tactics as spreading lies, innuendos and 'guilt by association' when they are knowingly false?

    Who did I make a false association with?

    Wait, I understand what you are upset about.  You didn't like that I have a negative opinion about Obama the messiah.

    I really don't need you to condone anything I believe.

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    What a beautiful diary.  You truly made me feel what you are going through.  As I have previously posted, I have gone through different serious illnesses with my parents, both of whom died, far too young, in my mind.

    I have read the stories of many other people, on this diary, as well as on others, and now my family is going through it again, as my father-in-law was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

    I would venture that sooner or later, everyone comes face to face with a medical crises, and has to deal with the inability to obtain affordable health care, or even health insurance, affordable or otherwise.

    Based on everything I have read, as well as my general knowledge, the only way to deal with this issue is with a universal health care plan like Hillary's.  Any other solution is like trying to block a flood with a sieve.

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    into this diary?  You are not going to change Linfar's mind, nor the mind of the many others who have commented here who are known to be Clinton supporters.

    Why can't you just hear her story with an open heart, and realize that for her, as well as for many of the rest of us, Hillary has the answer.

  • I for one want to hand it over to Hillary.  I don't trust Obama, and if I vote for McCain, it is because I will be relying on a heavily Democratic Congress.


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