• That is exactly right.  By approaching the king without permission, she risked her own life.  By exposing herself as a Jew she risked her own life.  She stood up for what was right, and as you said, "spoke truth to power".

  • I heard that too and was very dissappointed. He was the only one I could safely listen to. Even worse though, I turned on the radio this afternoon, wondering who was going to be filling Randi's old slot, AND IT WAS HER!!!  The LA station picked her up from her new network.  Ughh.

  • I have apparently lost my ability to rate people because of all the TR rating the past two days.  I was TR'd here and on a more controversial diary.  What offends me on the TR rating on the other diary (which has since been removed) is that I was TR'd by people who didn't even read my full comments where I expressed my disagreement with some of the diarists over-the-top comments, even though I agreed with his basic stance against Carter.  I do not write antagonistic things, so I was not TR'd for my writing.  I was TR'd instead because people disagreed with my opinion.

  • I don't know what stream of Judaism you follow (I am Conservative), but don't you accept that in Judaism, part of the point about doing mitzvot is because the Torah commands us to?  Its not just because we agree with it.  I think that in a group, one has to be willing to sacrifice a bit of "me"ism for the benefit of the group.  That being said, that attribute needs to be balanced with the other qualities you mention.  That is why all those woman are excellent role models.

    For point of argument, had Esther not acted as she did, one might say that Haman's plan might have worked.  I think the point is, her action was right for the time and the situation.

  • Those two woman are both A+ as far as I am concerned.

  • I am familiar with everyone you listed, and I agree that they are all wonderful role models, but they all had different attributes and qualities.

    If you look at Esther, I will agree that she is not a fighter, as are many of the woman on her list, she is not a scholar, as are some of the other others, but she is a woman who embodies modesty and selflessness living in the diaspora (unlike most of the others you include in your list) and subject to capricious revenge by Haman and others.  As a result of her environment, she has to sacrifice herself for the good of her people.  She was, as we are told, blessed with beauty, and she used that to impact the King, just as Judith used her feminine charms against Holofernes.  The difference between those two is that Judith used violence, and Esther used words and pursuasive ability.

    As a feminist, I had a hard time seeing Esther's strengths, but eventually I did see the value of the way she acted.  Of course, you are free to disagree.

  • I think Alegre is an excellent writer and to be compared to her is a great honor.

  • Is your finger stuck on the "0"?

  • with respect to liking a certain logo (which contains political speech I happen to agree with) deserve a troll-rating?

  • #1 - I thought Obama was the one who said "just words?"  So now his words don't matter?  We are just supposed to understand his intent and give him the benefit of the doubt, just like they understood that Bill and Hillary are not racists?

    #2 - I used to agree but actually in this election, if Hillary is not the nominee, the social issues may be a short-term casualty  of this election.

    #3 - Um, this is politics, and if she has someone to get bumper stickers out quickly. more power to her.

    #4 - I feel the same way about Obama.

  • diary because there is nothing in it worth responding to.

    Have a nice evening.

  • but why does that mean we are required to support Obama.  A campaign is a race.  Each of the candidates is  trying to win?  What is wrong with taking whatever advantage you can find?  I don't think she has acted dishonorably here.

    I also don't think her indignation is "fake" although some try to paint i that way.

  • If you look at the link I posted, it shows that the comparison was made by a supporter.  Nevertheless, Queen Esther is an excellent role model in my view because of the selfless actions she took on behalf of our people.  When I was younger I was more of a Vashti fan (and I still like her spunk) but you have to go into the story deeper, and see that Esther realize she had no choice but to sublimate her own needs and wants for a higher purpose.

    Regarding Clinton's response, she was given the opportunity and ran with it.  I don't think you can honestly say that Obama has not taken advantage of missteps by Clinton, could you?

  • Thanks TD!  I guess it sucks being in the cross-hairs doesn't it?  It certainly gives us the opportunity to see how the candidates respond to stress!


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