• Thanks for the history.  I checked out this commenter's user page and didnt see much of a history, but did see a lot of negative ratings.  I tried to remove my up-rating but the system wouldn't take it.

    Anyway, if you read one of my comments here, I disagreed that it is pro-terrorism.  I think instead, it is more, "I don't necessarilly oppose the terrorism because it is justified by Israel's actions."  That is moral equivalence which I don't support.

    I know we have disagreed many times on Obama v. Clinton diaries, but I do appreciate your imput and perspective with regard to who these people are.  Seeing all this come out has been quite scary, and I have seen it come out of people who I have also seen spewing hateful things against Clinton.  Maybe they are just haters that are trying to foment more division here.

  • I believe that excusing Arab terrorism, or implying that it is justified is taking an anti-Israel position, yes.

    The reason I believe that is you are saying that Israel can't take military action to defend itself, nor can Israel seal itself off to defend itself.

    It should just sit there quietly and be driven into the sea, or cease to exist because of the change in demographics.

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    I really liked reading this diary.  But I want to draw your attention to 2 hate-filled diaries up on the new diary list; one about Netanyahu's statement and one about Israel's crimes.

    I think they should be removed because they are not productive and are playing on the worst prejudices.  They certainly are not helpful to Democratic Party unity in the fall.  Instead, they are scaring me, because I didn't realize our party was filled with people that were so hateful to Israel.

  • I think if they had emplyed peaceful resistance, there would be two states by now.  How peaceful they would be, I don't know.  

    Pakistan and India aren't doing so great living side by side.

  • when someone is so far off the deep end, that no matter what facts you provide, it will never be enough.

    You are someone that I deem too far off the deep end.

  • I would call it "not opposed to terrorism if its against those Israelis, not necessarilly pro-terrorism, but I think some of them, including this diarist are.

    There is a wing of the Democratic Party which is pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel, and for whatever reason, they are coalescing around Obama.

  • Its a shame you don't have the ability to look at the other side.

  • but not all of us are.  

    Some Palestinians were forced out, but many were urged to leave by other Arabs, and many went of their own accord.  Others stayed and are citizens.  Those who left were left in the camps by Arabs, not Israelis.  That is where they were found after the 6 day war, and none of the Arabs wanted to help them.  Jordan basically said "good riddance", and yet this is all Israel's fault?

    I for one can't imagine how anyone can live, knowing that anytime you get on a bus, you could die.  I don't know how anyone can live, getting a report of a suicide bombing, and call your loved one's cell phone, hearing it just ring and ring and ring.  I can't imagine how a family can go out for an ice cream cone and never come back, or come back missing parts.

    I also can't imagine how anyone can dress their baby up to look like a suicide bomber for family photos!

  • it is the how, why and who!  See my other comment regarding the deliberate, murderous attacks on Israeli civilians.

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    You are ignoring the fact that Palestinian terrorists have engaged in repeated attacks designed to maim and murder Israeli civilians, including babies and children.

    You are ignoring the fact that in Gaza they are launching rockets into civilian areas with the intention of killing people and evoking terror.

    If you can any way see these actions as the same as actions taken by a democratic country in an effort to protect its country, then you are truly a sick individual!

  • You took a sentence out of an article that only quoted two of the lines from his speech.  The other line was these events "swung American public opinion in our favor."

    It doesn't mean that he that he thought the attacks were good or something that made him happy.

    You are trying to get a fight started here and are fomenting hate.  This diary should be deleted!!!!!

  • Thank you for that statement!  Should Obama win the nomination, I think he would have a better chance of winning the election if he had people like you supporting him

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    candidate, and you expect he will win the nomination, as it is apparent you do, you might want to take a different approach in trying to charm the Clinton supporters into voting for him in the GE other than my dismissing us as veritable right-wing wing nuts.

  • I can appreciate art, even if it was created by a Republican : )


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