• Nope.  I won 't.

  • Yesterday (and for many, many days before), many of you were decrying Hillary as a Republican and her supporters as right-wing apologists.

    Today, its kudos to her supporters and wonderful statements about Hillary's positive qualities.

    Sorry, but its a little too little and a little too late to make nice, nice.

    You are doing what you have to do to try to bring the party together but its not going to work.

    On to the Convention!  I want this to go all the way.

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    Here for a little bit before I take my daughter for her skating lesson.

    Looks like we are having a split decision so far.  Hillary appears to be winning Indiana y a very health margin, but Obama seems to be winning N.C. by a much healthier margin than I thought.

    How come, though, they have only projected N.C.?

  • Wow! You impress me in your ability not to be willing to see a side other than your own, and then to paint it is one "antithetical to liberals" because we all must certainly all believe in lockstep, don't you know.

    Why aren't you running for President?  You seem to have all the answers.

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    For many reasons, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather take a chance with McCain at the helm, then with Obama.  I believe that if we can get enough Democrats with guts into the House and Senate, and get Pelosi and Reid out of leadership positions, our Country will survive four years with McCain.  I don't feel it will be safe with Obama as President.

    You don't have to like it, but that is the way it is.  Last I heard, this was a democracy, and we can each vote our conscience.

    By the way, this was an excellent diary.  I really feel like the author captured what a lot of us our feeling.  Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on your perspective), unlike the diarist, I can't stomach voting for Obama if he is the nominee just because he is a Democrat, because I am not sure the Democratic  Party is any better than the Republican Party at this point.

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    This is fascinating!  Keep going with it.  The more of these folks we shine a light on, the better.

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    Also, she is not merely relying on the gas tax holiday.  She also has long term plans to reduce foreign energy independence and to substantially fund clean energy initiatives, funded in large part by taking the oil companies' windfall profits.

    The gas tax holiday is to help those Americans who are having an increasingly difficult time affording to drive to work.  I think that is affecting more and more of us everyday.  I know I cover my eyes when I buy gas and never, ever get a receipt any more.

  • That is completely a nonsensical statement. Are you referring to the diary or the comments, or is it jsut that you don't like when people support Hillary Clinton.

  • Would you rather get some of what you want, or none of what you want?

    Some people call it triangulation.  I call it smart decision-making.

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    to you and to your husband.  To you, for your quiet persistance and steady support for your candidate; and to your husband, for being willing to re-examine his decision and to change it based upon new information.

    That is all it takes...changing one mind at a time.

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    That is who I want representing us in the world.  She knew her topics, maintained her poise, sprung every trap, ate the bait, moved onto the next one, and enjoyed every bite she got!  It was like eating hors d'oevres at a cocktail party.

  • Not on point, but for the umpteenth time "SHE DIDN"T VOTE FOR A PRE-EMPTIVE WAR!!!!!!

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    from all the pundits that were blathering on MSNBC and CNN yesterday.  Neverless, I think he is boxing himself into a corner. As instructed,
    he expressed "outrage" at Wright so as to distance himself from him, but in the process, he is highlighted his lack of judgment, in that he seems surprised that Wright had shown "little regard for me" and seemed more concerned with "taking center stage," and that he was not
    the same man he met 20 years ago.

    #1 - The statements Wright made that were captured on videotape were made since 9/11/01, and he has had previous opponrtunities to respond, so it is surprising this is a shock to him.  There was nothing new in the remarks of the past few days since they were just more of the same.

    #2 - The man was a "mentor", "like an old uncle." If his judgment is so poor as to someone he "knew" what good is it going to be when he is
    playing on the world stage?

    #3 - Why did he need to wait to hear what the pundits said before he expressed outrage? If the outrage was real, it should have and would have been expressed immediately. Sounds like political expediency to me, and not real emotion, and I suspect that is how the voters in Indiana et al are going to see it, no matter what Obama says now.

    Great Diary!  Thanks.

  • And why do you think she is a racist?  I have discussed some of her diaries with her and I don't see it.  I am thinking that the word "racist" is being used to describe people only when they dare to talk about racial issues.  Just because the topic is brought up, doesn't mean they think other races are inferior, which is really what a racist is.  I don't think that only members of the offended race, are the only ones allowed to talk about it.  That certainly doesn't serve to bridge any divides, in my opinion.

  • The problem is, you are making an assumption that we all have the code words, when we don't.  Maybe instead of reacting, the word will lose its strength.  Certainly, I didn't know it was a code word for anything but "snobby".


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