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    I don't see how you conclude that I conclude that he is presenting himself as a "race healer"?  He does however, try to imply that he understands the larger issue and does not have divisive beliefs.  I disagree with that, and I also believe that he does not really see issues of the larger community.

    When all is said and done, I don't believe this speech does it for me.

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    and I think you speak from the same feelings I have.  Thank you for sharing this!

  • I've got to say, I have seen some sarcasm on both sides, but nothing like what goes on at DKos in candidate diaries.  What I have seen here though, that I haven't seen there, is thoughtful discussion.

    For instance in your response you put forth what your facts are (I can't speak to your 80% comment since I haven't been here that long) and you didn't insult me.  And quite frankly, that is all I really need.  I don't need you to agree with me or like my candidate, but I wish you would, and I wish there was something we could do to change your mind.  If not, that's OK too. : )

  • Believe me I was alive long before the 1990s!  Were you?

    The Republicans can milk those issues all they want.  There is nothing there because the have been explored to death.

     But they do have a lot of new points to milk with Obama, such is Wright, Rezko, Farrakhan, Ayers, Dohrn and others.

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    The only one who doesn't want a revote is Obama.

  • Amiches,

    Is it your position that every Clinton supporter treats you that way?   I seriously doubt it.   I will agree that sometimes we Clinton supporters will respond with sarcasm, because we find that its really hard to engage in productive debate with someone who only wants to shout you down, but I have not seen such hateful, sexist or racist comments from Hillary supporters as I have seen from the Obama supporters.

    Also, did you ever consider that perhaps the tone you use in comments, replete with perjorative words may induce the very response you so deplore?

  • I agree with your comment that we have to work across generations, identities and issues, and I agree that we need to engage in dialogue with each other.

    Where I differ with you is that I don't agree with your conclusion that a boycott is not the best response.  Sometimes you need to shine a light on a problem to expose it for what it is so you can figure out a solution.  I think all of us that left DKos hope that we can find a solution, but whether or not we will is yet to be determined.

    That being said, I appreciate the tone and thoughtfulness of your comments.  If others spoke as you did, we wouldn't be in this fix.

  • That is a good point you raise.

    IMO, the reason the "older, wiser" Obama supporters aren't saying anything is because they want a win any way they can take it.  If that means looking the other way instead of decrying the vicious attacks by Obama supporters against Hillary and her supporters that are so much like the vicious Republican attacks against Bill  & Hillary Clinton in particular, and the Democratic Party in general, so be it.  If that means pushing half of the Democratic Party off the gangplank in favor of the youth vote, and some Independents and Republicans, so be it.

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    I agree with you.  We have to try not to be reflexively defensive in our new home.  We have managed to resolve any minor issues that have come up at Hillary'sVoice in a pretty civilized manner so I have no doubt we can do the same in mixed company.

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    I contribute for me and then I do another one for my husband.  I don't think he is quite how much are contributions are adding up to, although he knows how frequently hey happen.  LOL

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    I was fairly new to DailyKos but while I was there, it felt like whenever I said anything pro-Clinton, people were there to attack only.   It was apparent there was really no desire to engage in a real discussion of the issues, it was a just re-hash of hateful statements.

    Hopefully, this action will be noticed far beyond the boundaries of Daily Kos, and that people will realize that this sort of behavior has no place in civil discourse and will not be tolerated.

    At DKos, I a, Calgirl

  • He's only been in the Senate two years and has been campaigning or getting ready to campaign for President most of that time.  He hasn't had much of a chance to do much constituent work.  

    Lets see what his record would be if his actual motivation for the job was to serve the people of Illinois and to get reelected as Senator.  

    Hmmm.... something to think about.

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    The Clinton Library is Bill's deal.  If this is what you are relying on, you've got nothing.

    When is Barack going to come clean on his affiliation with Rezko?  

  • Hillary Clinton, as the Jr. Senator for New York has done a great deal to help the people in all parts of New York, which has suffered from the 9/11 attack and a poor economy.  The projects she has championed have been to meet the needs of her constituents, which is what she was elected to do.

    She has earned over her years in the Senate the respect of the more conservative voters in Central and Western New York, even though they did not like her at first.

    I am proud that she is my Senator, and she is a worthy holder of that seat and she would be a great President.

  • I agree with you.  Being from New York State, Hillary has done a great job taking care of her constituents, including helping to prevent the closings of three military bases in economically depressed areas of the State.


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