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    the important thing to note here is that the trend of voting is not going with Obama.  That is why what this diary says is important.

    Typically, in a primary campaign, once a winner is identified, supporters of the weaker candidates tend to gravitate toward the winner, and soon, an insurmountable momentum builds up, sort of like a snow-ball rolling down a hill.

    In this season's campaign, though, Obama has not been able to capture the hearts and minds of about half the party.  If he was as strong a candidate as you all think he is, He should have won the majority of these last campaigns or voters.

    Even if Obama does win, you should be very worried, because you are leaving half the team at home this year.... and it is dangerous to assume you can count on them in November.

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    and the video brought me to tears.  I stand with you.  And for those of you who like to assume we are supporting for Hillary JUST because she is a woman, that is not the truth.  There are so many more reasons that have been discussed in other diaries.

    Nevermind the hateful comments in this diary, although it felt to me that we were being spit upon by the commenters.  Remember that Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Carrie Chapman Catt, Jeannette Rankin and Elizabeth Cady Stanton had to put up with far more in their struggle.

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    Thanks for that!  Nice to hear a positive story for Hillary.

  • If she doesn't win this time, she only needs to wait until 2012 'cause McCain will the the Pres.

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    Excellent diary and great comment.  Elitism certainly is a state of mind!

    I understand what you are saying.  Neither of my parents went to college, and my father, in fact, dropped out of high school.  They owned a home and a business and worked to make sure that I went to college and then to law school so that I could have a better life than they did.

    We had a comfortable life, but by the time my Mom died, and after she had closed the business, she struggled.  She certainly didn't have a comfortable retirement.

    My husband and I have a pretty comfortable life now, but we know it could go away in a moment.  That, and the way we grew up makes us vote against our current economic interests time and time again.  We certqinly are everyday people and no one would mistake us for elitists.

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    Despite all the nasty comments, I liked your diary, and I have no issue with you going after Edwards.  I read on either CNN or MSNBC that Edwards only decided to endorse Obama after Hillary cleaned Barack's clock in West Virginia.  What was really interesting was Edwards saying "the people have spoken".  The people of West Virginia spoke but they were shouting out "Hillary Clinton" loud and clear!

    I think that Edwards tried to stay out of this as long as possible so that he could make sure (as much as possible) that he would attach himself to the winner.  I wonder what he got out of the deal besides a nice mailing list from the DNC?

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    I love your diary linfar.  

    As I have said repreatedly in posts on this site, my loyalty is to this Country and to the ideals that I believe make this Country great.  

    Until recently, I beliweved the Democratic Party was that party.

    Now, its supposed supporters suppress public opinions, and invite you to leave if you don't go along with what the "Party" wants.  As someone told me on another diary on MyDD, "don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out".

    As I told him or her, the last I heard, I didn't think the Democratic Party didn't require loyalty oaths.  What I didn't say there, but will say now is, geez, the Democrats sound like they are turning into the Nazi Party in pre-WWII Germany.  (Now before you start screaming at me, I am ONLY talking about loyalty oaths, not support for the Final Solution etc...).

    The Whigs have gone, and the Tories have gone.  Maybe it is time for the Democratic Party to say bye-bye too.

  • I am sure Nobama thought you were being genuine.  I'll take care of that mojo for you.

  • I think McCain is a pragmatist, and I think that the pandering to the conservatives that he is doing now is just that; pandering.  I think when he is faced wioth a Democratic House and Senate and is not faced with re-election, he will moderate his ways.

    Oh, and my decision is not just based on logic.  Its also based on my opnion of Obama, and his lack of fingerpritns on anything, leaving me to look to his past behaviors and his associates and advisors.

    When I balance that with my belief based that McCain will become more moderate when elected, and my belief that we will have a Democratic House and Senate, I think we are better off with McCain for now.

    You don't have to like my decision-making, but barrign something extraordinary happening, that will be the way I vote.

  • Not all Democrats are good for this Country.  I believe Obama is a prime example.  At this point I am loyal to the ideals of the Democratic Party as it used to exist, not to the Party.

    My loyalty in to this Country and its well-being in the future, and I will make political decisions accordingly.

    Last I heard, the Democratic Party did not make its members take a loyalty oath.

    Oh, and the door won't hit me on the way out cause I am not going anywhere.

  • are Reid and Pelosi.  They are the ones who have been trying not to make waves over the past two years instead of doing something about Bush and his cronies.

    I hope the next congress is more asssertive against the executive branch REGARDLESS of who the new president is.

  • One disagrees with someone using only three words "No, I won't", and gets hide-rated and troll-rated/

    No offensive words were said, no diarist called out, nothing.  

    Please don't confuse hide or troll-rating someone with stamping out their opinion.  Because my opinion still stands.

  • You are wrong Scotch.  I really don't think people should be attacking each other's bona fides as a Democrat.  There are a lot of different motivations for a vote, and sometimes an unexpected vote is the result of weighing different factors and finding that there are greater risks for voting for the Democrat than voting for a Republican.

    I never have been a Republican, and I hold the VALUES of the Democratic Party dear, but the Party is just a Party, and they come and go over time.  Our Democracy is strong enough to survive four years of a Repulican, but Obama is worse than a question mark for me, and because of his lack of any relevant history, looking at his actions during the past and seeing who he counts among his associates and advisors is a valid tool in making a decision.  When I look at these things, danger signals go up.  If Obama had a real resume, with a substantial legislative or executive background, those factors would not be dispositive for me but they are now.

    I see the way Obama has conducted himself in past campaigns, I see who his friends and advisors are, and I see his secretive nature, and his failure to keep records of his days in the State Sentate, and I therefore conclude that I have no choice but to vote for McCain and do everything I can to see that Obama is not elected.

    You don't have to agree with me, but the creat thing about this Country is, I GET TO MAKE MY OWN DECISION.

    I do see shades of grey and as I have said before, Democrats do not have to move in lock-step with one another.  Furthermore, I am not so sure I will remain a Democrat, because I think the party has lost its soul and has forgotten what it is supposed to be.

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    I want her as President.  I don't want her tarred with an Obama Administration's legacy.

  • I vote for McCain.


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