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    CHILL.  The momentum is now swinging to Obama. McCain got a cheerleader for the Repub party with Palin, but even my die hard dad couldn't believe she was the pick. Buyer's remorse is setting in.  Think about, would you have voted for your head cheerleader of high school to be class VP, let alone class pres?  That is what the Republicans with brains are now coming to terms with.

    Thank God McCain picked her early Sept and not 3rd week of Oct.  We would have been toast.  Now we can let the bad judgment on his part finish him off.  And, it was BAD JUDGMENT.

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    The Dems are horrible when it comes to getting a message out. The repubs are the masters, very disciplined.  

    The dems need to get this campaign back to McCain. HE IS THE ISSUE.  His judgment(frankly, picking Palin over far more qualified repubs looks to me like Alzheimers has already set in), his age, and is FLIP FLOPPINGS are the issue!

    Also, Obama doesn't have to stand up to the Dem Party because the DEM PARTY IS ON THE SIDE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I'm so sick of this meme quoted by every right wing hack. ENOUGH!

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    AMEN!  Stop the "sky is falling" attitude everyone.  Obama is one of the most strategic candidates have ever seen, afterall, he beat the best: Hillary.

  • All of our situation is dire straights in the long run if McCain gets in.  Wake up and smell the coffee! The Dems and thus the Netroots will have more power if Obama wins, not the case with McCain. More can be done to change politics if Obama wins.

    That you would work against Obama and thus the against the good of majority of Americans (middle class tax cuts, health care, out of Iraq) just irks me. Your decision is misguided.

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    Hammer, I love the campaign ad.  You must be a marketeer.  And marketeers know how to win over people.  IT's time to start marketing and cheerleading, folks. Quit being so negative.  Our guy is way better and will win.  Believe it and it will happen!

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    This is an area where the Dems should learn from the Repubs.  Sarah Palin was a horrible choice, and those in the know in their party were upset by her selection.  However, see how they positively spin her nomination and cheerlead for her?  Thus, they are creating their own "self-fulfilling prophecy" and making her into a winning candidate.  WE NEED TO START THINKING POSITIVELY.  As time goes on, her problems and gaffes and lies will become apparent.  Our message should be:  When the American people are done researching McCain's and Palin's past voting and policy histories and their current strategies for solving our myriad of problems, they will come to the consensus that the Democrats and their ideas and policies are what is needed TODAY.
    Stop the depressing talk and act like we are going to win this thing--and then the public will take their cues from us, and Obama/Biden will be elected in Nov.
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    Barb, I am sorry you are still so upset about Hillary's close contest.  (actually a tie, but the way we do delegates, gave it to Obama). Perhaps that would be a good start for Clinton?  Chairing a committee to change the Dem primary system.  Think of the good she would bring to it with what she learned!  

    Even if you can not vote for Obama, but I believe that will change as time goes on and you hear the difference between he and McSame, please Do NOT vote for McSame-- Remember when one of his supporters asked him "how are we gonna beat the bitch in Nov?" ?  He just chuckled.  He could have put that sorry excuse for a female in her place by saying, "Ms. Clinton is my colleague.  We don't using disparaging words against each other."  Remember that he just chuckled.  (But what do you expect from the man who calls his wife a c_nt? )

    Donate to Hillary's campaign to help retire her debt and please be sure to support down line Dem candidates. This is not the year to carry a grudge because your choice candidate didn't get in.  We have much to change in the next 8 years.  It won't happen with McSame.

  • not conceding.  She has lost me, my vote, my good will.  I can't believe she did such a poor speech tonight.  

    If she doesn't wake up, recognize the facts, smell the coffee and concede and then congratulate Obama and offer up her supporters to help him, the Dem party will lose me as a member.  I'll join those on an online petition and switch from Dem to independent.  I will still vote for Obama and support him with my few dollars and time, but as an independent.  

    Way to go Hillary.  Watch the Dem party list shrink and independent rolls go up.  Is this the legacy she wants to leave behind"

    Hmmm.  She is class-less.

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    Wow!  He proves why he is presidential material.  She proves.... ??? I was so disappointed in her response.  This was a long time coming--HIS victory.  I am sorry she lost.  But SHE DID LOSE.  She used Mark Penn--need I say more?  She needed to read the tea leaves and concede.  

    She has lost my support and I voted for her in the primary in CA. Sorry I did.  

    I don't think this is how she wants to go out of this campaign--a bitter, unaccepting, opponent?!  Party unity?  Yeah, right.

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    Enough.  Smell the coffee.  She did not do herself proud. She could have done much better. Obama's speech (whether those emotionally attached to Clinton want to see the truth or not), proved why he is the better candidate and WILL WIN in Nov.  

    I thought Obama/Clinton would be a good team.  Now, she lost me as any kind of supporter.  She came across as the smaller, less classy opponent.  If she  doesn't concede by Thursday, I'm joining a whole host of folks that emailed me about switching from the Dem party to Independent and naming Clinton as the reason.  WE'll all vote for Obama, but as independents-- not as Dems.  

    Way to go Hillary!  You did the party proud!

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    I am very disappointed in Hillary tonight. If the senior Dems of the Party don't approach her and tell her to unify,  I'm going to switch from Dem to independent. And, I'm going to tell people the switch is because of Hillary.  I can still vote for Obama in the G.E. but I will ditch my Dem party affiliation because of her.  Way to unify Hillary.

    His audience was way classier over hers when it came to mentioning the opponent.

    She loses points and good will.  

    He's a rock star, she's bitter and divisive.
    I voted for her in CA, but now I'm sorry I did.  I'm  done with her.

  • I actually feel sorry for you.  "Bitter" is too kind of a word.  This election isn't about what us supporters of either candidate wanted.  IT was about the Dem Party picking the winning nominee.  Just because yours didn't win, doesn't mean that the one who did isn't worthy.  This is about winning the W.H., a veto proof senate majority and lots more House seats.  

    Clinton would be totally devastated to hear thoughts  such as yours coming from supporters of hers.  She's about party loyalty. Get over your hurt and let's start healing the Dem party!  (BTW, I early voted for her.  I'm going with the Dem candidate and I'll help whomever that may be.  Good bye McSame!)

  • You are right, SHE hasn't divided the party, her crazy loyal followers (and only some, at that) have.  ALONG WITH Obama's crazy followers (only some as well).  You've often touched on how bad his supporters are, but you need to open your eyes to the same on Clinton's side.  I've seen both, cause I started out voting for Hillary, then changed to support Obama.  Once you accept reality that BOTH sides have people that took it over the top, then the healing will begin.

    Your passion is needed for the G.E. If you're so emotionally vested in Clinton, then follow her lead and do what she does to support the Dems in Nov.  It will be greatly appreciated by me, my kids, my grandkids-- by all Americans 'cause Lord knows, we can't handle another 4 of Bush wannabe, Mc Same.

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    She deserves the benefit of the doubt. She's a loyal dem and will be one in her support of Obama for prez.  What her loyal fans don't understand is that the rancor goes away the minute she announces her support for Obama.  Some of the crazies will carry on about Obama thinking that is what Clinton wants.   That is NOT what she wants. She wants unity, and she wants her place among Party poohbahs.  She's a fighter and she's earned a spot: either as VP (as long as this is Obama's choice), a cabinet member, Supreme Court Justice (can you imagine, Hillary a life long appointment on the Court?!  Heart attack city for Scalia, Thomas!!) Think of the good she could do for YEARS!  There's also Senate majority leader-- and yes, she's earned it over Harry Reid.  

    Her campaigning for Obama will be the start of unification of the party.  For those who were so emotionally invested in her campaign, I offer condolences, and I urge you to use Clinton as your example to follow in pulling our party together.

    bye bye McSame!

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    Juno, your problem is that you are using Obama supporters on this blog to influence how you feel about Obama.  Don't do that.  Go to the man himself. He has conducted himself well.  

    The same can be said of anyone using Clinton loyal supporters to construct their opinion of Clinton.  She is not her supporters.  She is her own woman, and is a loyal Democrat.  Unlike many of you who won't accept reality, Clinton will.  ANd she will do everything she can to get Obama elected.  As much as many of you want an "I told you so" moment, where Obama loses to McSame, Clinton doesn't want that.  She wants a Dem in the W.H.  Her and Bill's campaigning will be of big help to Obama.  She is a true Dem.  Are you?  Or would you prefer that "I told you so" moment?


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