Krugman Redux: Hate Springs Eternal

A short diary about the Clinton RFK remark.

The fact that Clinton even had to apologize shows just how ridiculous and cynical the partisans of hope are.

The feigned outrage is a farce.  And Olbermann will have a special comment tonight?

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Any Wonder Why Our Country is Corrupt?

No American should be proud of what was reported by CNN today.

I am ashamed.  We like to think that the American way is what the world should follow.  The great Americans set the moral example for others to prosper.

What a bunch of fools we are.  How empty we are, morally and spiritually.

Don't think so?  Consider what follows:

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Edwards Speaks of Nuclear Weapons

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On this day when a debate goes on about who will or will not use or discuss use of nuclear weapons in Pakistan or against Al Queda, I decided to write a diary touching on a different aspect of the nuclear question, and John Edwards's approach to it, past and present.

Not very long ago, I wrote a diary here about a front page story in the Washington Post on July 9, 2004, entitled, Edwards Sets Self Apart on Foreign Policy; Terrorism Was Top Focus Before Sept. 11 Attacks

The Post article referred to an Op-ed entitled Targeting Terrorism that appeared in the Littleton Observer on August 16, 2001, where Edwards said:

As a member of the Senate Intelligence committee, I've become convinced that terrorism is the most important national security challenge our country will face over the next decade. That is why I am working on new ways to address the threat of terrorism.

Without a doubt, at a time when Bush's head was in the sand, and others were focused on missile defense, Edwards was prescient.

More below the fold.

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EDWARDS Gave Warnings of Terrorism BEFORE 9-11-01

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By now most people here know that last week John Edwards held a press conference to present his plan to fight terrorism.  His theme was that the Bush "Global War on Terror" Doctrine has not made us safer, but is a political strategy used to justify the worst abuses of the Administration. In fact, terrorism around the world is on the rise according to Bush's own State Department.  John Edwards believes we need a smart, mission-focused national security policy designed to stamp out terrorists, not a political slogan designed to stamp out disagreement, and he set forth his policy proposals on the matter.

His plan, along with video highlights can be found here, and a transcript of his 5-23-07 major policy address regarding foreign policy can be found here.

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Why I support JOHN EDWARDS for POTUS

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Recently, I engaged in a discussion with another Dkos'er regarding our support and preferences for POTUS.  It was an nice to have a good exchange without invective, chest beating, berating each other, or allegations and/or speculation about undisclosed motives.  There is too much of that here at Dkos.  Along with the nitpicking and petty one-upsmanship, it often makes fruitful communication damn near impossible.

Anyway, in our exchange, I had a chance to better articulate the reasons why I support John Edwards.  In doing so, this diary was born.  Now that you know what the subject matter is, feel free to stop or read on.  Just know that what follows is personal opinion, not supported by any facts, developed in a stream of consciousness way.

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Edwards Discusses the Issues: WNYC Radio (2-26-07)



This is a purely informational diary for those who support John Edwards and/or those who want to know more about him.  It contains a transcript prepared and posted to the Edwards Blog by a dedicated supporter, RedJet, who is owed a great debt for the hard work involved. It's from a WNYC Radio interview on 2/26/07 with Brian Lehrer on The Talking Candidate.

The only analysis comes from John Edwards himself.

Audio can be found at: 07/02/26

Note from Transcriber (RedJet):  This was a very long interview and I hope that I didn't make too many mistakes. I removed the "uh's" and "um's" for clarity but otherwise kept to the words.

Note from Diarist:  I broke up the transcript into subject matter.

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